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    WANTED: Kegerator or similar set up

    Looking for a kegerator or similar set up. Location Melbourne (preferably Western side for pick up or delivery)
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    Kegging Setups

    Thanks for the additional photos and explanation.
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    Kegging Setups

    Can I ask what size artillery shell that is? I may be able to get my hands on some and love the look of what youve done here. How do you fox it to the timber?
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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    I am on the hunt for a kegerator system at the moment and would be all too happy to be a guinea pig and test for you and provide feedback to the group. Open to be contacted.
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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    Sorry to hijack this thread slightly. Do you do any packages with these keg fridges, Grand Deluxe 3 - 12 Keg Model or Grand Deluxe 3 - 20 Keg Model? Looking for something similar to the other kegerators with two kegs all the disconnects and font and good quality taps. Is this something Keg...