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  1. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    Donating my old kegerator, Thermostat not working (stuck at 8deg) but runs would suit restoration, Kegerator only with font and whatever old tap parts I can find. Don't want to dump it, so free.. pick up only.
  2. Donz

    4 months in

    So after about 4 years off brewing in the bottle from Kits, I started up again and quickly got a kegerator as the reason I stopped in the first place was **washing bottles**. I got a lot of help from members here when my brews went bad and MLHBS has helped sell me anything they wanted to sell...
  3. Donz

    Kegerator worth?

    I bought a kegerator with 3 kegs and 2.6 ltr co2 2nd hand a few months ago and have had a ball with it for $800. Sooo nice to come home after work and pour a beer from tap. Sadly, I just went on a easter holiday and my car blew 2 tyres, killed the rims and the alternator and battery died :( I'm...
  4. Donz

    G'day from Morayfield

    I'm new to brewing and trying a few kits out, Looking forward to reading how you guys brew. Is there any good tips going for newbies using kits? Edit: I've got my 4th and 5th kit beers going now and just bought a 2 tap kegerator with 3 kegs. First 2 brews are bottled and third is kegged.