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  1. Sprungmonkey

    Giveaway bits

    Originally from goomba but I don't have a use for the rest. Regulators and plumbing bits - please take all .
  2. Sprungmonkey

    Swap crystal malt

    I have 25 kg of BB crystal malt and there is no way I'm going to use it all. Does any one want to swap some for other speciality malts?
  3. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane to Townsville roadie

    Okay Im doing the road trip between Brisbane and t'ville - any recommendations where to stop and have feed/beer
  4. Sprungmonkey

    Copper Hot Water Systems

    Hi a mate with a copperflow hot water system - which has died. He has replaced with a new system but was wondering is it worth taking apart the old one to scavange for copper (possibly to make an immersion chiller - or pre chiller)?
  5. Sprungmonkey

    Anyone Built A Woodfired Pizza Oven

    Has anyone built a pizza oven - how easy/hard is it? was it a success? I see bunnings have kits you can buy - anyone made one of these (they are under the 1k mark) - which is relatively cheap compared to most i have seen. Cheers Dave.
  6. Sprungmonkey

    Moving To All Grain

    I am looking at moving to AG and am just about ready to purchase an urn and stockpot and thought I would just mention my plans just incaswe there is something I have missed (especially with regards to the size of vessels). Firstly the plan is to buy a Birko 40l urn and 70L Robinox SS pot - I...
  7. Sprungmonkey


    Just wonderinging if anyone here is studding for the international brewing and distilling exams here - cramming module 1 exams this month ;)
  8. Sprungmonkey

    Swap Grain For Grain Mill If Keen

    Okay I need a half decent grain mill and am willing to swap this for some BB pale malt. Will swap for a favourable quantity of malt for the mill. If interested please message me.
  9. Sprungmonkey

    Hop Rhizomes

    When are people planting their rhizomes - some resources say spring others say now before August 31?
  10. Sprungmonkey

    Too Much Hops

    Has anyone ever put too much hops in a batch of beer and what did you do to try tone it down a bit - mix it with a beer with minimal hops?
  11. Sprungmonkey

    The Beer Belly
  12. Sprungmonkey

    James Squire Amber Ale

    Anyone got any suggestions for a James Squire Amber Ale Clone beer or something similar? I have a Californian Ale Yeast I want to use up as well
  13. Sprungmonkey

    Grain Crushers

    Anyone every tried one of these to crack grains or would it take too long? I have no idea how they work or how much volumes they can handle or the results produced. Anyone used or use one?
  14. Sprungmonkey

    Determining Fg

    Just wondering how people predict the final gravity so that determine when to do a diacetyl rest. Do you use the caculator in the yeast section of this forum.
  15. Sprungmonkey


    Just wondering what size cubes you guys find are the best for using when going all grain using the "no chill" method, or for lagering or secondary fermenting? At the moment I brew 23L batches and can get hold of a few drums in either 15L, 20L or 25L? What size should I choose or doesn't it...
  16. Sprungmonkey

    Pyrex And Gas Stove

    Does anyone know if pyrex can be heated on a gas stove. ie will it break - I want to heat up wort in an Erlenmeyer to make a starter
  17. Sprungmonkey

    Making Starters

    I have seen a few suggestions to making starters and was wondering if people here step up starters from slants, if so at what ratio? 1:10? Also can the beer produced in a starter contribute to bad flavours to a full batch due to oxidation from swirling, stiring and/or aerating the wort at each...
  18. Sprungmonkey

    Starter Aeration

    Just wondering do people use an aeration, stiring (with stir bar) and just swish around when making a starter.
  19. Sprungmonkey

    White Labs Yeast

    Quick question. Is it normal with all Whitelab yeast to pitch your yeast at a higher temp to fermentation temperature (especially with lagers). My mate bought some Mexican Lager Yeast which said pitch at 70-75F (~21-23C) then on the website ( it says optium temp of 50 - 55F...
  20. Sprungmonkey

    Cost Of Brewing

    Quick question just out of interest. How do the ingredients in a batch of extract brewing compare in cost to a simalar (obvoiusly not quite as tasty) all grain brew. I realise the quality of extract doesnt quite compare to AG, just trying to get a feel for AG batch cost?