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    Help Please

    Is it just the bottom of the krausen collar?
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    Coca Cola/Rheem kegs

    Thanks all for your replies. Thanks @Hpal . I looked into getting the replacement posts but wasn't sure if the cost of replacing the posts was worth it considering some reconditioned kegs with easier to find parts (and cheaper) are about the same price. I've been in touch with easykegging and...
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    Coca Cola/Rheem kegs

    Thanks for your detailed response @MHB . It has answered a couple of questions. It's much appreciated :cheers: It looks like the only options are possibly quite expensive but I'll give the links you provided a try before I give in. Thanks also @dblunn. I'll suss them out too.
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    Coca Cola/Rheem kegs

    G'day folks, I was fortunate enough to inherit some old Coca Cola/Rheem Mytton Rodd kegs which I'd love to put into use BUT I'm having a fair bit of trouble figuring the fittings out and hoped someone here might have some advice. They had been lying around a fair while unused before they came to...
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    NSW Mid North Coast

    Cheers Norto - that would be great.
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    NSW Mid North Coast

    G'day YAPN, indeed it is. It's moving ahead a bit at the moment. New houses everywhere. I've had a couple of days where I've invited people around to brew and have a few beers but nothing more serious than that. I've never been to a club meeting before so kinda looking to find out what it's all...
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    NSW Mid North Coast

    Cheers guys. Appreciate the replies :cheers: I'm about mid way between Port and Taree - if it wasn't so far, I'd go check them out.
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    NSW Mid North Coast

    Thought I'd put a call out to see if there are any active clubs in this area. I've had a bit of a search around and haven't come up with anything. Anyone around the Taree or Port Macquarie area doing anything club wise?
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    Philter XPA

    Legend digety. Thanks so much.
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    Philter XPA

    Has anyone had a go at an all grain Philter XPA clone? I've had a search around the place but haven't come up with much. Not at the stage of coming up with my own recipes from scratch. Was thinking a Pacific Ale grain bill with a mix of Mosaic, Galaxy, Simcoe and Citra (as listed on their...
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Yes. This is awful.
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    Fresh Wort on a used yeast cake.

    I would only re-use the yeast cake once if pitching straight in on top. Mostly for sanitation issues. I'm not sure how long you could guarantee the fermenter and krausen scum would stay sweet. Personally I'd rather gather some slurry, clean the fermenter and repitch the slurry if reusing the...
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    Am I ok to bottle?

    I'd do the same as Rocker suggests. I wouldn't bother removing them unless they block the flow out of the fermenter when bottling or kegging. If they do, just fish them out with a sanitised pair of tongs.
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    Devastated - fermenter leapt out of the fridge and split its guts everywhere

    Bummer Patrick. I have 2 racks close together just in case the top fails - I hadn't thought of putting packing between the two. Great idea :)
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    Which yeast?

    I have cold steeped dark grains a number times. No problems. Has worked well.
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    Am I ok to bottle?

    If it's only been in there a week, I'd give it a few more days. The yeast won't die - bottle carbonation will be fine even if it was left for a lot longer. No dramas there. Do you know the expected FG?
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    Which yeast?

    You could use the 05 but it wouldn't be a lager. If you can hold the cooler temp to ferment, which you can, you can use a true lager yeast. I can't offer any advice on the actual yeast choice though - sorry. Here's a thread about using US05 as a faux lager yeast...
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    Hops beginner

    If the hop teabags are the ones in the packet with the hops already inside, you've got the right idea. They should be fine to leave in until bottling time. Yep, they are single use. You can buy hop pellets at most homebrew shops (brick and mortar as well as online). They usually work out to...
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    14yr old coopers kit!!

    Sure is. I watched it not long ago. The instructions were pretty loose haha
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    Summer Mid Strength Recipes

    https://www.experimentalbrew.com/session-beer-day-recipe-bonanza-14-recipes-you-brew Here's a collection of some session beer recipes from some notable brewers. I haven't brewed any of them but hope to this summer. Hopefully they give you some more inspiration. Cheers.
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