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  1. Alex.Tas

    2019 Tasmanian State Competition

    Hey everyone, congratulations to all entrants in the competition, judging was good fun and in many circumstances it was tough to pick a winner. Here is a copy of the full results Hope to see you all back again next year
  2. Alex.Tas

    Premade BIAB grain bag with wide mesh size

    Hey everyone, I've currently got a craftbrewer bag which works great for my current needs, but i would like to include temperature automation which will utilise a pump to ensure a consistent temp (as much as practical) throughout the 1v system. Its a crown urn FYI. Anyhow, while the...
  3. Alex.Tas

    Flow Hives - Honey

    Has anyone ordered one of these? http://www.honeyflow.com/ They aren't particularly new (early 2015 release i think), but still something i though would be worth of discussion. A couple of fellas form the Hunter region developed this system to remove honey from hives without the reed to remove...
  4. Alex.Tas

    Help identifying hop cones/leaves

    Hello I was given some hops my a friend of my mothers, unfortunately she has no idea what variety they are. They smell citrusy/passionfruity. I'd say australian/US heritage from my untrained nose. The leaves are strange as they are different shapes. Go easy on me if this this obvious, but its...
  5. Alex.Tas

    High FG on my Roggenbier

    I made a Roggen beer a few weeks ago and its been in the FV for over two weeks. Should be finished by now right? - Maybe. I'll start at the beginning - but i wont bore you with how much of a pain in the arse this was to make. just turned to glue.. but thats another story. recipe is as follows...
  6. Alex.Tas

    German pils recipe tips

    Hello I'm keen to make up a German pils this weekend. I'm hoping to make a dry lager, preferably one around the 4-5%abv mark, great for summer. I brew in a bag-40l crown urn and can either nochill or use an immersion chiller. I usually nochill unless I really want some late hoppyness to shine...
  7. Alex.Tas

    blob of fluff sitting on top of break

    I made up a marzen last weekend with a mate. It was a no chill batch. Whirlpooled the wort then left it for 10 minutes. Transferred it wort to the cube and shut the ball valve once a decent amount of sludge was escaping the cone in the centre of the kettle. I wanted to see how much of the...
  8. Alex.Tas

    Ghetto beer engine for under 10 bucks.

    Firstly I should preface this thread with a comment that this will certainly not give you the same pleasure of pulling a beer of a proper beer engine, but you may get slightly similar results for a fraction of the price. I certainly enjoyed making it and you may too. I've always loved a beer...
  9. Alex.Tas

    1st all grain brew

    Just thought I would share my story. A week or so ago i made up my first batch of AG beer. I decided on a similar recipe to one i had made previously with kit can and liquid malt extract. It was somewhat based on boonies LCPA clone. featuring cascade and golden cluster in the boil and chinook...
  10. Alex.Tas

    Pilsner and helles questions

    I'm working away from home over the next month or two so i figured it would be a good time to throw down a larger or two while im away so that it can lager in the ferm fridge. This allows me to keep brewing (lagering) whist working form the other side of the state. I made a terrible pilsner...
  11. Alex.Tas

    Dirty real ale toucan

    Hi. I was prowling around Kmart last night, and I spotted the brewing section. Thought I would try my first toucan. All they had wad coopers real ale and beer enhancer 1. All they had and it only cost 24 bucks. I've god some cascade, chinook and cluster hops I can use for dry additions, to give...
  12. Alex.Tas

    reusing 3068

    I've reused some 3068 recently and found that im not getting that big yeast flavour in subsequent brews (with identical recipes). to reuse the yeast i slosh the stuff around the bottom of the fermenter after bottling, and pour it into a sterilised glass jar. allow it to settle in the fridge...
  13. Alex.Tas

    Bochet mead

    hello I was going through some old photos and found this on my memory card. its a photo of when i was making something along the lines of bochet mead. I didnt go all the way to black and burnt honey, but i was getting close. Apparently, a true bochet requires you to cook the honey until you...
  14. Alex.Tas

    Jasmine Cider

    I've been brewing cider the easy way - Oz tops. While certainly not the most traditional method of brewing or the best, it works for me and is very easy. I've read that some people use tea in their 20L batches to add some tannin and therefore body into their cider. To adapt for Oztops, i was...
  15. Alex.Tas

    s23 lager - clearing it out

    Hi, I've got a lager made to the following: 1.7kg can of Mangrove Jack Munich Lager 1.5kg light dry malt 200g of carahell steeped for around half an hour at 60 degrees 10 grams of hallertauer mittelfruh boiled for 10 min 10 grams of hallertauer mittelfruh boiled for 5 min 10 grams of...
  16. Alex.Tas

    First Dunkelweizen

    Hello, I've made a hefeweizen before with (to my taste buds) good success. I used the coopers wheat beer tin, along with 700gms of wheat DME and 500 LDME i think. I used WB06 as i was a little hesitant to change to liquid yeasts. This time, i want to give liquid yeast a shot. Im thinking of...
  17. Alex.Tas

    Which type of sugar for bulk priming?

    I've been using dry malt extract to bulk prime my beers, with good success. I've been using Ian's spreadsheet to calculate the weights required. My question is, ians spreadsheet calculates the weight of dex required to get the desired vol of co2. do i need to change this if i use dme? What do...
  18. Alex.Tas

    mead yeast

    Hi, thinking of making a mead in a few months once i cen get some good cheap(ish) honey. I'm wondering what the maximum alcohol tolerance of WB06 would be? I've recently made a german wheat beer, and it gave some great flavours (clove and some banana). It made me think of mead flavours. Has...
  19. Alex.Tas

    German weizen recipe

    Hi y'all Im looking at trying out a weizen, as I haven't tried one before. I'm only onto my 5th brew... I've bought myself a tin of the thomas coopers wheat beer extract, and a kilo each of wheat dried malt and light dried malt. I've plugged it into Ian's spreadsheet, and the IBU is a little...
  20. Alex.Tas

    munich helles

    hi, I've tried to find a few suggestions on the database and in other areas, but cant turn up much. I found this thread, but cant find the recipe that they talk about! http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/27614-recipedb-munich-helles/?hl=helles I've got some yeast (s23) already that I didn't use...
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