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    Turning Imperial Stout Fresh Wort Kit into milk stout

    Howdy, I have ended up with this FWK from All Inn Brewing a couple of months ago. Interestingly, it's not on their website any more - maybe discontinued now. But here's a description: "Widowed Butcher is a spectacular Russian Imperial Stout. Formidable but with real richness behind that deadly...
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    Picobrew Z recipe adaptation and tips?

    howdy, A gadget-orientated friend just got the Picobrew Z2 delivered, the new iteration of the zymatic. Was wondering if anyone with experience in Picobrew has any tips for recipe adaptation? I’ve read brewhouse efficiency can be around 65%, and assume boiloff rate would be minimal through...
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    Any recommended online stores for tri-clover butterfly, sampling valves etc?

    I am thinking of pimping out my basic 14g chronical with a butterfly dump valve and a sampling valve for bottling etc. Maybe some TC barb adaptors etc for pressurised transfers. The squeeze handle butterfly valves look easier to use? Any recommended places here or direct from China? Cheers, B
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    Any thoughts on London ESB vs S-04 for hoppy english bitter?

    I recently did Nottingham vs Windsor in a mid-strength English Bitter with lots of hops and found the hop aromas seemed very muted in the Windsor, compared to the Nottingham. My next brew will be London ESB or S-04. Any experiences or thoughts on which will bring out hops more? Second order of...
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    Unbranded 30 litre boiler / urn?

    Hi folks, The LHBS got a mysterious unbranded 30 litre boiler in, and I was gonna buy it for a steal. But it made me wonder if others have acquired unbranded boilers and what their experience has been. I'm kind of wondering whether it's going to be essentially identical to a mangrove jacks...
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    Bottling from warm/cool keg at pressure: tips?

    Hi folks, I started thinking about how to most easily bottle from a warm keg on a budget (I have no keg fridge, or beeg gun) for hopefully reasonably long-lived well-carbed non-oxidised beer, which led to me wonder a few things; particularly any improvements to how I now bottle from a keg...
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    2018 Tasmania State Competition

    Hi folks, Judging for this year's Tasmania State Competition will be held at Shambles Brewery in Hobart on 15th September: http://tshbc2018.hobartbrewers.com/ More information on entering beers or volunteering to judge/stewart is on the competition website. Great prizes are afoot! Deadline...
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    Slow drip from ball valve on conical fermenter

    Hi folks, I don't often use my 50L chronical, and must be out of practice assembling the ball valves because despite doing a leak test with water, it was only when I filled it with 30L stout that I could detect a very slow leak coming through the ball valve. It's the smaller racking port valve...
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    Reiterated mashing tips for single vessel systems? Eg. Robobrew, GF etc.

    Hi folks, Any tips for reiterated mashing when going for a big stout on one of these systems? Rounding numbers, I've got a 29L boil volume recipe to produce 1.106 OG, with about 13.5kg grain in my original Robobrew. It can only handle about 8kg grain at once. From a bit of reading, I'm...
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    Saniclean: is brown stuff on top of it (undiluted) normal?

    Howdy, I have been using Saniclean for the first time in the last few batches. Everything going fine. That said, the undiluted liquid has a kind of slightly frothy brown stuff on top, almost a bit flaky. Is that normal? Cheers, B
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    Cleaning Mk II Pump?

    Hi folks, Any tips for cleaning these? I've removed the black plastic head and a bit of residue inside. Do I dump both plastic parts in sodium perc? And dip the metal end of the pump in too? Cheers! B
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    Keg King Mini Regulator - co2 bulb slowly drains to empty when disconnected?

    Howdy folks, I have to store my 5L mini-keg horizontally in the fridge so the gas inlet is below the beer-line. I assume I need a special disconnect with check valve, before I leave the Mini reg attached all the time? Therefore, I only attach it when I've removed the keg from the fridge and...
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    BrewDog DIY Black Lager Zeitgeist Recipe: only 40EBC, missing ingredient?

    Howdy, BrewDog's own recipe for this in the DIY pdf is, as far as grain goes for a 20L batch: -Organic Lager 1.13kg/2.5lbs -Organic Caramalt 0.28kg/0.6lbs -Organic Munich 2.70kg/6.0lbs -Organic Chocolate 0.23kg/0.5lbs I've seen pictures of the commercial beer in the glass and it is very black...
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    Cheapest retail for 20-25kg 100% coated sodium percarbonate delivered?

    Hi folks, What's the best price for coated 100% sodium percarbonate? Found a few possibilities below, but not sure if they're coated. First one seems best, if it's coated? I read in a thread of a couple of people being happy with this supplier - one told me it was 100% sodium perc (I have also...
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    Thermapen cheaper in UK than USA

    HI folks, It took me a long while to realise you could buy thermapens and chefalarms etc from thermapen.co.uk which seems to be the thermapen manufacturer's site, and a lot cheaper than thermoworks.com, or Australian sellers. Eg. US$70 for the latest thermapen 4 rather than $99. That's cheaper...
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    Dry stout suggestions? Toucan? Spec grains?

    Was trying to give advice to a neighbour about adjusting his last recipe for a drier stout. He says he's looking for something more like Guinness. The last recipe was: Mangrove Jack's Irish Stout 1.7kg 1kg Dry Dark Malt 100g steeped roast barley Kit yeast 23 Litres The spreadhsheet, says that...
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    Jet Black Heart - Brew Dog DIY Dog recipe queries

    hi folks, I'm brewing this tomorrow and wondering if anyone has done it, or has tips. Like some previous brew dog recipes I've done, the SRM and IBU in Beer Smith are about half what Brew Dog calculates. I found this recipe on Beer Smith, which had some notes claiming brew dog say they could...
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    Hopped pale extract for lazy Brewdog DIY etc recipes?

    I have done some AG Brewdog DIY recipes, but contemplating that when time is limited I could throw on a quick one using a suitable kit beer to serve as the hopped pale extract base and add LME or DME and the spec grains to make up to an IPA, bitter, stout or whatever. Ideally I suppose it would...
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    Mangrove Jack Irish Stout fg?

    Hi folks, Was trying to give advice to a neighbour about his fourth brew: Mangrove Jack's Irish Stout 1.7kg 1kg Dry Dark Malt 100g steeped roast barley 23 Litres He was saying his OG was 1036 and after two weeks it was 1018, but had fermented a bit cool in that period, down to 16 at times...
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    How much weight to weigh down wet hops in the dry hop phase.

    Hi folks, Any enterprising soul out there noticed what kind of weight ratio you need to actually submerge mesh bags full of wethops during the dry hop phase? They are so buoyant! I put 400g in a bag, with a triclover clamp at the bottom, and after much coaxing its only about 75% submerged...
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