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    Old Cider

    My MiL was cleaning up a bit and going through and sorting out stuff from her late husbands stuff ( has taken her 14 years to get in to it and that is after my Mrs and I have offered to start helping out when she was ready ) we found this a case of Mercury Cider and a few extra bottles...
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    I have collected a few now have about 260 long necks now ( mostly coopers) what is the average number people have? also where is a good place to get some crates to store them in.
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    A Pint A Day Keep's The Doctor Away

    http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ipad/is-beer...m-1225989928331 I know I would rather a Pint instead of a latte of course "Australian experts" did not like it FFS it is there job to be against everything
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    New Diy Coopers Kit

    I got an email from Coopers and they are updating there Home Brew kit by the looks part of the email here is the link http://www.diybeer.com.au/ lol no more Paul Mercurio
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    For The Sa Beer Lover

    one of the guys at work sent me this link http://www.redbubble.com/people/stephentre...-i-love-sa-beer think I might have to get a couple
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