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  1. bigandhairy

    Yorkshire Bitter, 8.2 English Best Bitter

    Hi Bribie, is that hop schedule chilled or NC? Cheers bah
  2. bigandhairy

    G'day from another Ipswichian

    Hey guys. Be sure to get yourself involved with the local brew club there. While I no longer live in the area they are a fantastic bunch of blokes, very knowlegable and great brewers who love to talk all things brewing and share their experiences. Ipswich Brewers Union may just be the family you...
  3. bigandhairy

    Hi, from a lurking fermenter in Brisbane

    Hey Redman, I recently moved from acreage where i had a 6 x 9 shed that housed my 3V brewery and related items. I'm now in an apartment in South Bris. Obviously i had to sell my the 3V but with that money i bought myself a grainfather, if you got the funds they are awesome. Alternately and for...
  4. bigandhairy

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Cheers Yob. I'd like a kilo, I'm happy with whichever scenario works best for you. Cheers bah
  5. bigandhairy

    Hop Dealz Australia

    G'day Yob. I thought I saw a post about some Simcoe in the near future. Any luck? Cheers bah
  6. bigandhairy

    Dripping Perlick's

    As QldKev said, forward sealing so need some back pressure to make sure they're shut off firmly. The issue might be that if you only disconnected them overnight and the keg pressure is dropping enough for them to slacken off and leak then you may have a gas leak at keg end somewhere, unless of...
  7. bigandhairy

    Fermenter plug key

    I use the 'wing' bit of the tap handle , works a treat. never fails to remove or tighten firmly enough so no leaks
  8. bigandhairy

    Wtb Brisbane 50+ litre stainless pot

    I have a keg that was once a mashtun/keggle surplus to my requirements if thats suitable. Hole drilled for tap and top cut off as per usual. Let me know bah
  9. bigandhairy

    Conner Breware , any one else had any problems?

    Not suggesting anything sinister but I emailed them a week ago enquiring about a product and haven't had a reply. Perhaps there has been unforseen issues. I'll email again today and see if anything happens. bah
  10. bigandhairy

    No head

    Could the beer be overcarbed?
  11. bigandhairy

    Hop Dealz Australia

    G'day Yob, Is there any Galaxy in your latest hop load? Cheers bah
  12. bigandhairy

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Got my hops today, was my first order with hop dealz. Placed my order Sunday arvo, amazing turnaround. Thanks heaps Yob, looking forward to next brewday. Cheers bah
  13. bigandhairy

    Sierra Navada Beer Camp, Simmer Down Brown, Brown IPA

    Have a blast Tony and Liam. Sad I can't be there today, hopefully there's still some left when I get there.
  14. bigandhairy

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Dear Technical Support, 18 months ago, I upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0 from DrinkingMates 4.2, which I had used for years without any trouble. However, there are apparently conflicts between these two products and the only solution was to try and run Girlfriend 1.0 with the sound turned off. To...
  15. bigandhairy

    God damn #^*!*&*#^& flies

    Like a lot of creepies the little fuckers hate bleach. drop a little bit around drains and wetspots (except your jocks or the marital bed for obvious reasons) and it will help contain them a bit. Obviously starsan anywhere thats beer touchable.
  16. bigandhairy

    SEQ grain Bulk Buy - Feb

    Top job Camo. Thanks again. bah
  17. bigandhairy

    Stout - OG 1.055 has stopped at 1.020

    No probs at all :)
  18. bigandhairy

    Stout - OG 1.055 has stopped at 1.020

    Yea, I reckon you'll find mouthfeel will be fine after its carbed and given a couple of days to settle after being kegged. If it finishes at 1015 it should have a good amount of body left in the beer, depending on original ingredients/mash temp etc. Buy I'd say it'll be fine. I often notice the...
  19. bigandhairy

    Stout - OG 1.055 has stopped at 1.020

    I'd swirl it one or two more times over the next 4-5 days. It might quite possibly drop another 2 points which would give 75% attenuation which would be about spot on. Again don't rush it, if it drops another couple points in the next couple of days then give it a couple of days for the yeast to...
  20. bigandhairy

    Stout - OG 1.055 has stopped at 1.020

    How many days in total has it been in fermenter?