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  1. tanukibrewer

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Delivered mate, sorry for late reply
  2. tanukibrewer

    japanese kegs

    Cheers for that info Chris
  3. tanukibrewer

    Whats In The Glass

    Looks good Markjd.mmmm stout
  4. tanukibrewer

    Yo! Jono, from Perth

    Welcome mate,what area in Perth are you?
  5. tanukibrewer

    More alcohol required...

    If ya want to increase the alc of the brew you have just done then semi freeze it just before you keg/bottle it.That will do 4 things ,clear up the brew,increase the colour,increase flavour and increase the alcohol content.
  6. tanukibrewer

    Dans gets growlers

    Rod Check out The International Beer Shop in West Leederville,Perth for growler fills
  7. tanukibrewer

    Pitching Yeast

    Lots of info on yeast and yeast starters on this site
  8. tanukibrewer

    Dans gets growlers

    Interesting to see DMs starting it over east.<br />I believe Alcohol excise is different on cartons (more expensive)as it is for kegs (cheaper).So would it be that DMs makes more money selling craft beer out of kegs instead of packaged beer. Craft Beer or Cash Beer??<br />I would rather just...
  9. tanukibrewer

    Mash time/temperature, possible to pre-determine fermentability?

    Some good points to consider for my next brew
  10. tanukibrewer

    I started a homebrewing blog.

    Nice pics and video mate, well done.
  11. tanukibrewer

    Rochefort 10 Clone.

    Yeah it was a Hahn,wasnt my bottle just lucky enough to try.Post a pic of the the beer when you crack it.Wish I'd taken a photo of it.
  12. tanukibrewer

    Rochefort 10 Clone.

    Oldest beer I have drunk is about 11 years old,a Coopers Millennium ale 1999 and that was damn fine. Not sure how long these darker more complex brews age for?
  13. tanukibrewer

    Rochefort 10 Clone.

    10 months in the bottles so far and have 1 keg of it sitting around.Nice now that its getting cold to just have a small glass of it.I reckon if you like Belgians you will like what you decide to clone/brew cause they are big drinks with big flavours that make you think while you drink them.
  14. tanukibrewer

    Rochefort 10 Clone.

    Brewed a BSDA based on the one in Jamil Z and John P book,I inverted the dark sugar.Definitely not a session beer,very strong and very sweet.Will see how it ages over the next few years.
  15. tanukibrewer

    My brew controller box

    What size brews will you be doing with these controllers,40L,60L,80L or is the sky the limit??
  16. tanukibrewer

    New to liquid yeast

    I see, you use lager yeast to brew out an ale at 18c then re-pitch on top of that with a lager wort to brew a lager. I usually do 40L batches in my stainless conical and usually just do it the way I mentioned above with the correct yeast for the correct style at the correct temperature. But I...
  17. tanukibrewer

    Canned Beer 'Revolution'

    Not against cans, though I prefer buying bottles so I can re use them. I am against shrinking the size of the cans.
  18. tanukibrewer

    Salami 101

    Looks good Kaiser, what beer will you pair with it?
  19. tanukibrewer

    New to liquid yeast

    As no expert, I just put 200g of malt for 2 litres of water (10:1 gives you an og around 1040) boil it then chill it. Let the beaker with the wort in it warm up to room temp then I add then contents of the liquid yeast (Which I smacked and has been growing since the day before) and then let that...
  20. tanukibrewer

    english lessons..

    Sorry TNT I am happy to stand corrected. But I wasn't entirely wrong. Your English is good enough you don't need a teacher. Concentrate on making beer. Il tuo inglese è abbastanza buono non hai...