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  1. oakburner

    Mead -- Oh mead what Australian Honey is any good

    Ok. I shall rephrase ...... I missed your comment about "tee tree" when thinking about Teatree. Can anyone add anything further to the conversation than "great results". OB
  2. oakburner

    Growing hops in SE Qld

    I just re-read and thought I should clarify.... One of the big differences for SEQ is Humidity. Hence why I mentioned air circulation.... Most cooler climate plants suffer fungal issues in SEQ.... OB
  3. oakburner

    Growing hops in SE Qld

    I agree with spog about keeping their roots cool and soil moisture stable if you can. I had seven in the ground and four in 50l nursery pots last year. In SEQ it's a balancing act between maximising sunlight hours and air circulation on the bines, but minimising root system temps. Ensure good...
  4. oakburner

    Mead -- Oh mead what Australian Honey is any good

    Hey guys, I am in the same boat as the OP, (I have only don't a couple of micro test batches with red Gum) and given the info out there suggests a loooong time to mature, I didn't want to fail at the first hurdle either.... Has anyone used Teatree Honey? I can get it here on the Sunny Coast in...
  5. oakburner

    Brew Mate to Brewers Friend v1.26

    So I have the old trusty Brew Mate software for a few years now and really have enjoyed it. Tonight I downloaded the V1.26 Brewers Friend software which it appears is the new Brew Mate software.....but....buggy.. as soon as you load a few fermentables into the grain section - the ABV jumps to...
  6. oakburner

    Sunshine Coast Brewers

    Thanks for the PM's everyone .... but the number I have is the same as everyone else.... just wondered if there was some news I didn't know about or something... appears as though haydens xxxx xxx 045 number is now disconnected.... OB
  7. oakburner

    Sunshine Coast Brewers

    Hey guys, Anyone on Haydens mailing list that have spoken to him recently? I spoke to him about some malt a few weeks back but cant get in touch since his move to Coes Creek (phone number says its disconnected??). if anyone has his current phone number can you pls PM me!! thanks
  8. oakburner

    Growing Hops along a fence - bines stop growing

    In my experiences here on the Sunshine Coast they will stall in pots..... The ground provides more stable root temperature and moisture. ....and don't forget to feed them. ..... These are hungry thirsty plants (caveat: thirsty but with good drainage)....
  9. oakburner

    Anatomy of a Hop

    So I think we are all familiar with basic hop anatomy as illustrated on many websites like here However I have been interested to watch this year as my hops approach the harvest time, how long the hop cone hangs onto the flower...
  10. oakburner

    How to avoid bottle bombs - ageing a well-carbonated beer

    I had a similar problem last year with a choc vanilla porter ..... Turned out nice but is benefiting from aging..... Had a block of 70% cocoa in the boil... And a vanilla bean pod .... I bottled and intentionally under primed because I only wanted around 2vol CO2......But..For some reason they...
  11. oakburner

    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Thinking about a first pick on my cascades.... But the Chinook and the Cluster are still a ways of here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. ...
  12. oakburner

    WTB: Cascade Rhizome (mine went to mush)

    hey everyone, prepared my hop garden three months ago and bought some rhizomes which I stored in the fridge (for too long it seems) - alas they have gone to mush!!! in urgent need of a cascade rhizome to put in the ground... if anyone is happy to sell me one on the Sunshine Coast .... OB
  13. oakburner

    She wants a Pilsner and a Strawberry Beer

    I know this is resurrecting an old thread but after a couple of fresh fruit "secondary" experiments I am about to dump 600grams of failed strawberry jam (didn't set) into my fermenter which is a 18L batch of my light wheat ale (4.2% ABV 50:50 BB Pale Malt and Weyermann Wheat Malt - US05 - tiny...
  14. oakburner

    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    have always hated shirts with pockets.....:(
  15. oakburner

    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    USB drive.... oh well it was only work stuff....
  16. oakburner

    Sunshine Coast Brewers

    1 Jamie Sav. Beerwah 2 Batz...Kin Kin 3 Simon SG. Kawana 4 Mark Ratchie. Nambour 5 Luggy-Bald Knob 6 Robert - Maroochydoore 7 ian - golden beach 8 Josh_ Pomona 9 Mike - Caloundra 10 joe- Kuluin 11 Oakburner - Mooloolah
  17. oakburner

    growing hops in QLD

    I reckon you are right Batz..... Only reason I got away with leaving mine in the ground this summer was the unseasonably dry weather. I am at Mooloolah and our soils get wet wet wet during normal summers. Anyone up on the range like to comment? With perfect draining volcanic soils up there, I...
  18. oakburner

    growing hops in QLD

    I have grown cluster quite successfully here on the Sunny Coast hinterland and am putting in Cascade and Chinook. I will always still purchase pellets as well for brewing but it is very nice to brew with your own. Currently have a choc porter with cluster aroma hops bubbling away.... Does...
  19. oakburner

    Ballast Point Big Eye Ipa

    I agree with the WY1272 recommendation ..... And for my's all about the late Columbus addition.... OB
  20. oakburner

    American IPA brew

    From my experimentation this is the Torpedo way....but I must admit I have returned to old habits with more of an ballast point big eye approach.... Can't get past the late Columbus and centennial ....!!!! Have been meaning to try torpedo approach and add Columbus to the mix...... Whoooaah...