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  1. SixStar

    Equipment For Sale Free Brew Fridge

    Altona Vic Free Anybody want this Holds kegs perfectly and you can have the tap too. Can’t help remove it though.
  2. SixStar


    No longer available
  3. SixStar

    Aldi specials

    Thought the same, pretty much tasteless. Wonder were they are brewed.
  4. SixStar

    24 x 500ml for $60.99 with this Voucher - Great Deal

    Hey FYI guys it’s still there. Voucher now available through: Or better yet get it through n87 You guys need to Nav yourselves to the right product. The product is there to buy.
  5. SixStar

    24 x 500ml for $60.99 with this Voucher - Great Deal

    Nah not worried about the referrals it’s more of a wine site. Don’t drink much wine. This beer is decent. I’d say “hoppy sessionable”. Good buy, sorry to those who missed out. Maybe n87 can help ya. [emoji106]
  6. SixStar

    Brewing table anyone? Altona Vic Bunnings

    These are on clearance for $20 at the Altona Bunnings. Down from $200. Pretty crazy.
  7. SixStar

    24 x 500ml for $60.99 with this Voucher - Great Deal

    Rabbit & Spaghetti Golden IPA Here ya go boys: Go here: Add the voucher and your email. Find the IPA then buy 2 x 12 cases! Just did it! [emoji106] $60.99 delivered to most areas. Limit one per person. That’s a pretty good deal for a craft beer.
  8. SixStar

    Available at cosco $49

    Grain storage perhaps?
  9. SixStar

    Buying Bulk Hops

    Check eBay mate. Lots of sellers with 500g purchase amounts, all types.
  10. SixStar

    Buying Bulk Hops

    I hope you are kidding.
  11. SixStar

    Victoria Rhizomes

    Lol want to sell the lot. $40 pick up or $55 shipping. :-)