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  1. Lincoln2

    Best europe beer spots to visit

    Re Amsterdam. Had a great night at this place a year or so back. Good vibe, great range etc etc:
  2. Lincoln2

    Grafton Brewing Competition 2016

    C'mon lads; spill the beans. Who got naked & rowdy etc? After-party at Roches? Any famous judges? I was unable to make it this year. I decided to give the Pavilion Steward a well earned break.
  3. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    I'll be over before long with some agile little 11 year old lads who like to climb trees.
  4. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    My wife was relaxing with a Pimms on the back deck and said; "Don't speak to him like that!" Because I was speaking to my stupid dog, Brewtus. I said: "Will you **** off you stupid ******* arsehole or I will shoot you right through the ******* brain you retarded ******* fuckwit". Because he...
  5. Lincoln2

    Don't buy used kegs off this bloke

    No I'm not. I looked like this before hipsters became cool. Shit, maybe I am a hipster.
  6. Lincoln2

    Backyard to Bottleshop

    I had to walk from my back yard to the bottle shop this afternoon because I am out of home-brew. My fermenters have been tied up with ******* mead. Everyone in town knows I'm the award winning gun home brewer, lots of piss taking. It was the home-brewer's walk of shame.
  7. Lincoln2

    What are you listening to

    Country/Gospel/Rock/Drinking. Watch til the chorus. My new very favourite song.
  8. Lincoln2

    Dealing with flies....the only bad bit about summer

    Will you please **** right off with your stupid click bait posts, you retarded Grafton wanker. (I think I might now open my 7th tallie of Stella of the afternoon)
  9. Lincoln2

    Don't buy used kegs off this bloke

    Too late, I'm pretty sure I had one of these at the last case swap.
  10. Lincoln2

    After advice on getting longer lasting hop flavor

    ^ Yep, I'm not a hop head but I generally go a little bit over, especially when dry hopping. Also, bang some in early, say at 30 minutes.
  11. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    Well, after a good hour of shelling, I have enough for morning tea. WEAL. I'm going to shell enough for my wife to make a batch of her killer dahl and for me to make a big pot of lentil, chorizo, garlic, wine and potato stew and the rest will be chook food. I planted them as an experiment to...
  12. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    I harvested 6 bushes on the weekend and this is the yield. (They grow for approx. 7 years with maximum yields between years 2 & 5.) This is the first harvest and the plants are about 9 months old. That's a Cricketers Arms beer in the 'barrow. It was hot and thirsty work.
  13. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    I'm not sure if you've heard of Pigeon Peas. They're a bush that produce pods of lentils. They've been a food source in India for at least 3,500 years. Very hardy; drought and frost tolerant, fast growing and prolific croppers. My some-time co-brewer Bill gave me some seeds and I planted...
  14. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    As per a cracker tip from WEAL earlier (with youtube vid and everyfing) I decided to plant my August taters in pots. I was a bit late but - maybe early Sept. Seed taters at our local produce cost $3.60/kg which gets you a good number of chitting sebagos. They ******* went OFF! I filled the...
  15. Lincoln2

    Tooheys Old Dark Ale

    Bloody tourists come to Kyogle and steal our beer names. Bribie, we'll have to organise afew schooners of Old at the golf club. Great venue for a few schooners of old. Another one here is the Bruiser, named because it's black and blue. Half old and half new.
  16. Lincoln2

    Food Gardening

    Yep, I think you're right. I bit the bullet and gave the biggest olive tree a bloody good haircut over winter and now it's flowering like crazy. My maccas are also flowering well although they're a couple of years overdue for a trim. Now I just have to survive any droughts, hailstorms or other...
  17. Lincoln2

    Breaking News - Nimbin Show Hone Brew Comp. results announced...

    A collaboration mead by yours truly (El Presidente for life and Head Brewer of the Kyogle Gentlemen Brewers) and co-brewer PK has taken first prize. And don't write off the hippies, they fully embrace the alternative & sustainable lifestyle and there are a lot of good crafters of home made...
  18. Lincoln2

    website deals of the day

    Yesterday, I was scheduled to help out a fellow member of the KGB (Kyogle Gentlemen Brewers) to bottle & keg 90 litres plus lay down another 90 litres. He doesn't **** around. FV gets emptied, FV gets filled on the same day. Partials & K&B mainly. So I jump on the bike and stop off at bakery...
  19. Lincoln2

    Who Rides A Motorcycle

    It's complicated....
  20. Lincoln2

    Who Rides A Motorcycle

    We just had the Kyogle TT here. That's where you can ride from Rathdowney to Kyogle over 100km of Border Ranges goodness with no oncoming traffic. Except: Cops fucked them in the arse. Stop everyone at Beaudesert & Rathdowney under the new QLD bikie laws. Refuse permission to shut down the...