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  1. jlm

    Licorice in stout?

    From memory.........It had about 200g in 1000L at 10 min. Scaled down to home-brew sizes it really means only a touch.
  2. jlm

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Hmmmmmm. Tank just ran dry, indicator was stuck at a bit under a quarter. Not the right weekend for that to happen.
  3. jlm

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I had to put my 79 series 'cruiser over the pits to get it re-registered recently. It had been doing paddock duties nearly daily and never had a problem starting...... Yet after I left it with the local mechanic overnight, battery was as flat as a tack. He managed to get it into the carpark of...
  4. jlm

    Cyclone Debbie. Bring it on.

    Tried to get a hold of my brother who has a creek that runs through his property that flows into the Albert River but had no luck. I'll just assume he has enough meth for himself and food for his dog to get through the next few days. For everyone that isn't a hermit tweaker, always follow the...
  5. jlm

    30A Electric Brewery

    Speaking as a sparky.........32A shouldn't really be a problem in a relatively modern, i.e. <30 years old house (there is a few variables there of course). Speaking as someone who's dragged their 32A setup around a couple of rental houses over the last 5 years and can sort that out that stuff...
  6. jlm

    Rock 'n' roll icon Chuck Berry dead at 90

    I'm really going to miss his proficiency for pissing and farting on hookers. Still basically invented rock though.
  7. jlm

    Coopers bogged down in bible backlash?

    So we haven't been talking about compulsory gay marriage this whole time? Just like, letting some gay people get married if they want to marry each other? Why all the carry on......Oh wait. Just remembered. Humans.
  8. jlm

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Actually.....Now I think about it, its 5 and a bit years, not just a few. I must have blinked again.
  9. jlm

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Agree.....After moving from a state capital to outside a regional centre I thought they'd be a bit shit, but I've been pleasantly surprised with their turnaround times over the last few years.
  10. jlm

    Gerry hates Amazon, so how will it change Home Brew ?

    I only got rid of the Sony I bought as a second year apprentice (wayyyyyyy back in the late 90's) 3 years ago when I figured out I could stream test cricket wherever we're playing onto my laptop. And output HDMI to a LCD screen. I have noticed a lot of hot Indian chicks in my neighbourhood (end...
  11. jlm

    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    Been brewing AG for 10 years this year and I've never had a floor waste. I brewed down here for a little brewery (1000L/batch) for a couple of years and after being able to hose down at the end of the day changed me and my motivation to brew forever. Do the floor waste.
  12. jlm

    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    Haven't been on here a lot over the last year or so as brewing is a bit of a chore at my current digs. This will all change in a few months due to this: In case your wondering, that is a future floor waste in my shed which is going up next week which will allow me to hose all mess and small...
  13. jlm

    POR Out on its Ear

    I was lead to believe that the farms in Branxholm here in NE Tas were producing POR for Coopers from a former employer while I dabbled in the brewing game a couple of years ago. (Happy to be corrected but from my local knowledge these aren't HPA farms). Drove past them a couple of weeks ago and...
  14. jlm

    hot enough for ya?

    It almost could've been considered humid in Lonny today. Almost.
  15. jlm

    Classic AHB threads

    So.....Wasn't Yasmani just Bribie posting bullshit after he threw a tantrum, left the forum (allegedly), and never was coming back to AHB ever......
  16. jlm

    Malcolm Roberts... oh my goodness gracious!

    He's on Insiders atm with Leyonhjelm (Spjelling? There's a rouge j in there somewhere.). Don't think he intends to sit quietly on the cross benches.
  17. jlm

    Malcolm Roberts... oh my goodness gracious!

    Heard him on RN in a (hot) 3 way interview with Hinch (and I thought I'd miss hearing the word senator before the name Lazarus), one of Xenophons mob, and naturally a ON rep. He sounded like what you'd expect.....until he was shown some bait with a big, big shiny chemically sharpened hook...
  18. jlm

    Too Cold To Brew – Spare A Thought For Tassie’s Brewers This Winte

    Currently up on the other side of the highway from Brady's Lookout living in a mates shed while he's in NZ. Its actually better than that sounds. Got my own block on the East Tamar at Swan Bay where we'll move once we build. Which will be soon.....Build loan got approved on Friday.
  19. jlm

    Too Cold To Brew – Spare A Thought For Tassie’s Brewers This Winte

    We got a few flurries of snow at our place yesterday (we're at the dizzying height of 75m above sea level). Watched the clouds go over the Tamar and smack into Mt Arthur. Im on the Oettinger cans as we're budgeting and I don't have time to brew (until next weekend)......don't bother with the...
  20. jlm

    A fine mess you made of this Malcolm.

    I have to go into a (as of the weekend) former MP's office to do a little bit of work in the switchboard to finish off our contract for the extension that just happened there. Think I'll give them a few days to come to terms with things.....I don't want to see any tears.