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  1. emnpaul

    Free Bottles

    Approximately 150 crown seal longneck bottles. South Lake Maquarie/Lake Munmorah area. PM or post below if interested.
  2. emnpaul

    Free Columbus rhizome

    BIG Columbus rhizome, free to good, bad or indifferent home. Southern Lake Macquarie area. Prefer pick up but may be able to deliver Swansea and/or Cardiff areas. PM me if interested.
  3. emnpaul

    Central Coast NSW New to Brewing.

    Go and see Duane at Country Brewer Toukley. He's not your average Country Brewer franchisee. He can set you up with everything you'll need, including good advice. Kegerator and gas too. No affiliation, etc.
  4. emnpaul

    PLC base unit, free ONO

    Sorry Edgebrew, they are relay only.
  5. emnpaul

    Double GPO on a STC1000 setup?

    If you're not an electrician but just have to do your own wiring, and you shouldn't, then what's wrong with two single GPOs, separately wired and labelled hot and cold? It's not that expensive to do the job properly.
  6. emnpaul

    Aldi specials

    Paulaner Octoberfest for $4.00/500ml is worth getting genuinely excited about. If you want to know what a really good, strong Munich Helles tastes like then this is THE ONE!
  7. emnpaul

    Hopper Whitman - The new "Steam Rail"

    I had the Hopper Whitman Wittbier about six months ago. It wasn't bad although not super awesome either. The six pack of HW Nut Brown didn't make it through one game of footy. I'm not sure I'd call it an authentic Northern Brown or English BItter even, but it was a very nice and highly...
  8. emnpaul

    Aldi Liquor

    The Hopper Wittman nut brown ale is a good drop and dangerously sessionable. The pale ale is pretty good too.
  9. emnpaul

    Brewnut Brewing - Electric Brewery Upgrade

    You might be able to do something with these: Or perhaps a heater: I daresay you could find them cheaper on ebay. Just throwing some ideas around.
  10. emnpaul

    Beers of England

    ^ If you're going to be legless and in a foreign country you may as well be four armed.
  11. emnpaul

    Bottle Priming Calculator

    ^ I wasn't trying to bag you out Carnie. Although I read about cooling your priming charge in an earlier post of yours I didn't mean you specifically. I've read it elsewhere too. You just jogged my memory.
  12. emnpaul

    Bottle Priming Calculator

    I'm just not sure why people think it's necessary to cool their bulk priming solution before adding it to their brew. I just can't see how raising the temperature of my brew by adding 1 cup of near boiling sugar solution to 20 litres of beer at bottling time (having already cold crashed it to...
  13. emnpaul

    No Topic Thread

    Really? ****. I just assumed Wilk had lost a lot of weight due to his modified diet due to his diabetes. Kinda hard to see from where I was sitting... I still think his (Clufetos') drumming was awesome. And yes, Appice was fully awesome when he played the Heaven and Hell tour.
  14. emnpaul

    Interesting, funny or odd pics

    "I always said he was ahead of his time".
  15. emnpaul

    No Topic Thread

    For me it was all about FREEDOM. I saw Black Sabbath at Acer arena a few months back and the fill in drummer, Brad Wilk stole the show. Yeah, awesome band.
  16. emnpaul

    Insulating my kettle what material?

    431neb, do you work in the rail industry by any chance? I have the same insulation around my keggle, held in place semi-permanently with a tripple layer of duct tape. It does the job really well. My boil temp went from 96.8 to 101.2 with that addition alone and ramp times cut by heaps. It's...
  17. emnpaul

    Some crazy grains - what to do with them?

    Rye, spelt and oats would go okay in a Weizen or Belgian Witt. You will need to mash them with some malted barley for the diastatic power. If using a low malt to spec grain ratio then lengthen mash to at least a 90 miniutes or iodine test to ensure full conversion. Any of the tried and true...
  18. emnpaul

    Recultured Coopers Yeast - Smells Strong

    Cooper's own website states that they pitch a very large quantity of yeast and ferment at 16 to get the clean finish to their pale ale. If you want a really clean ferment with Cooper's commercial yeast then saving a heap of yeast cake for your next brew and pitching big at a lower temperature...
  19. emnpaul

    how to keep your yeast starter warm in winter

    Use lager yeast in winter that is generally quite happy in a starter inside the house with a towel wrapped around it at night time. Or, as suggested, put it in the fermenting fridge which can be heated if needed.
  20. emnpaul

    Another 'first BIAB' help Dr Smurto's Golden Ale

    I'm assuming your thermometer is protruding into your vessel by at least 50mm. Be careful not to catch your sack on it when pulling your voile. It's not a good feeling. Seed will go everywhere. Not sure from your post if you're doing step mash or single infusion at 66. You might want to...