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  1. Smiddylad

    CO2 Gas Canister For Sale, Newport Melbourne

    Is $150 to high for just the bottle if so what's a good price?
  2. Smiddylad

    CO2 Gas Canister For Sale, Newport Melbourne

    Hi All I have a half full CO2 gas canister for sale at $150. It's the simple swap and go variety that you buy at the Grain and Grape, so it's not something I have constantly been refilling. I'm moving and can not take it with me, so I have to sell it. I have attached photos of the canister...
  3. Smiddylad

    Fridge For Sale - Newport, Melbourne

    Hi All I have an fridge to sell, for $50. I use it as my fermenting/beer fridge, it's a bit old but still works really well. Its great as a largering fridge. It easily fits a 30 litre fermentor, I've even managed to fit a conical fermentor inside. I have attached a couple of photos of the...
  4. Smiddylad

    Three Tier System Plans

    My Mates got one of the beer engineer stands, quality piece of kit, especially if your in need of space. I'm looking to invest in one over the next couple of months as I have an electrical system and my shed seems to be getting smaller by the day.
  5. Smiddylad

    Free Timber

    Hi All I have a batch of mature hardwood reclaimed from a building site, to give away. Don't know what the wood type is, but its some type of red wood. It's 4.5cm x 9.5cm and the biggest piece of timber is over 3m long. Was gonna use it to build a 3 tier frame for my set up, but never got...
  6. Smiddylad

    Newport, Melbourne: Free Desk And Chair

    Hi All I have a desk and chair to give away, no more room in the house and gathering dust in the shed, which is now getting over crowded with junk. The desktop is a little water stained from being in the shed, but other than that it is in a very good state. Dimensions Length:152cm Width...
  7. Smiddylad

    Free Stockpot And Cooler

    Hi All I have a couple of items collecting dust in the garage, so I thought I would offer them for 3. Stockpot The stockpot about 50 - 60 liters, not really sure as it never said when I bought them. It's the thin variety and 4 holes in it. One for a tap, one for a thermometer, one for a...
  8. Smiddylad

    Taps, Tap Handles, Tap Lock Fittings Commercial Keg Stuff

    PM sent regarding the Pure Blonde and Carlton mid labels
  9. Smiddylad

    Swap Double Beer Font Tower For Short Draft Beer Tap

    Have decided to by a tap from Grain and Grape as they have 20% off, so no longer need to swap. Have created a new thread for tower as simple sale. Added link below for those interested Neil
  10. Smiddylad

    Fs Double Beer Font Tower

    Hi All I have a Double Beer Font Tower for sale as replaced it with a triple beer font tower. Sold as is in the photo, just the tower only. Selling for $50 or nearest offer. I'm based in Newport, Melbourne and would prefer local pick up, but happy to post if necessary. PM me if interested...
  11. Smiddylad

    Swap Double Beer Font Tower For Short Draft Beer Tap

    Hi All I have recently bought a triple beer font tower, which has left me with a spare double beer font tower and one beer tap short, as I only have 2 beer taps. Therefore I was hoping to swap my double beer font tower for a short beer tap that will fit a beer font tower. I have attached an...
  12. Smiddylad

    Fs 30 Plate Chiller

    Hi I have a 30 plate chiller that I never use and would like to sell. Last time I used it I got hops into the plate chiller and I've not been able to get it all out, however it is only in one side, so the other side is good. A good cleaning product should sort it out I just cant bothered...
  13. Smiddylad

    My Plastic Conical Fermenter

    Cheers mate given me some really good thought on how to keep it clean. I'll let you know how I get on once I finally get it up and running Neil
  14. Smiddylad

    My Plastic Conical Fermenter

    I wish it was my photo on the rotamoulding website but that honour belongs to Asher, I think. Mine is still sitting in the spare room waiting to be transformed into a fermenter. My fridge doesn't have a flat bottom, so not sure how I'm gonna get it to sit n the fridge. Nice challenge ahead...