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  1. malt_shovel

    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    After a number of years away from brewing I got my shed cleaned up, new BIAB bag, gear tested and will be doughing in tomorrow. COVID IPA 12kg Ale Malt 0.5kg Victory 0.5kg Red Wheat 0.15kg Dark Crystal El Dorado to about 45IBU Mosaic @ 5mins Cascade @ 1min Mosaic / Cascade during whirplool...
  2. malt_shovel

    Picnic Taps Vs. Pluto Guns

    After almost five years using a Pluto gun to dispense my kegs I got a couple of picnic taps to use on a portable party system. I wanted to get the line length sorted with these to balance the party system and after a few test pours I am about to give the pluto gun away. They seem to have a...
  3. malt_shovel

    Wyeast 2308 in hop forward recipes?

    I have a fast ferment test of a munich helles which was done in about 3 days and has dropped bright soon after using wyeast 2308 - munich helles. I am wondering if anyone has used it in hop forward beers like APA or IPA? If so I would be keen to hear impressions on how much hop character was in...
  4. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Second beer in three days! Knocked out 40litres of Munich Helles for a friend's Oktoberfest. 95% local pale malt 5% Caramunich I Tettnang all the way to about 20IBU Wyeast 2308 larger starter. Pity the party is such a long ways away. Thinking of using 30 or so gms of sugar in the keg to scavange...
  5. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Quick IPA. 30min mash and boil. 5.5kg of Maris Otter 0.3kg Caramunich I 0.25kg Victory 0.15kg CaraAroma Mashed at about 67deg for 30 mins before ramping up to mahout. Aiming for around 1.064 SG Hops 25gm Apollo @ 30mins 25gm Citra & 30gm Cascade @ 10mins 30gm Citra & Cascade @ flameout No...
  6. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Breakfast Stout.Pale, choc, dark xl, roasted barley & midnight wheat + toasted oats to about 1.065. 60min addition to 30IBU. 150gm both pure cocoa powder and ground coffe beans roasted yesterday at flameout. Smelt nice transferring to the cube. 1469 slurry when I get a chance to move the last...
  7. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    First time cube hopping. Red Mild 50% ECU malt 40% Wey Vienna 5% Caramunich I 3% CaraAroma 2% Carafa Spec Type I Mashed about 68 for 40 mins 15gm EL Dorado FWH 30 min boil 20gm each Motueka & Ahtanum in the cube. edit: Will ferment with a couple of packs of Windsor No Windsor, so a slurry of...
  8. malt_shovel

    Aussie Real Ale Wins Gold in UK

    Fantastic! Must have taken a deft hand with Galaxy to not freak out the poms. Well done!
  9. malt_shovel

    Cheers go to hops dealz

    Have used Bravo for bittering and also late in the boil and dry hopped. I mixed it with Millennium late and got lots of resinous pine notes. Would play well with traditional C hops in APA / IPA. Give em a go with Citra and I reckon you would be pleased. Cheers
  10. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Just running off the first beer in a while. Forty litres of APA. Pale + Vienna + Wheat + Crystal to 1.047 and Simcoe and Motueka to around 30IBU. Keeping it pretty low on the late hops for a party of Corona drinkers. Had a mate around to see the whole process. May have converted another to the...
  11. malt_shovel

    Sampling quality Tassie Brews

    Yep the weather has been awesome so far. Managed a dip in Cataract Gorge which is spectacular. Sipping a Bewer's Reserve St Ella IPA. Very tasty and my first sample of a Stella hopped beer. Lovely bittering and flavour reminds me of some english hops like EKG but with more fruit than floral...
  12. malt_shovel

    Sampling quality Tassie Brews

    So far have tried Moo Brew range. I got a huge orange zest flavour in rhe pale which I really liked and would be keen to know what hops they use. Favorite for me was their dark ale. With some mint chocolate after dinner I was a happt camper. Also had Van Diemens Amber which was oldish and...
  13. malt_shovel

    Hargreaves Hill

    Had a couple of bottles of their pale ale. Very fruity but nicely balanced with bittering and malt background. Reminded me of little creatures pale when pouring well. Will look for the other beers in their line up.
  14. malt_shovel

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Grainer. I have been looking at clone recipes of founders breakfast stout for some ideas and this looks similar. What yeast are you going with and how are you addidng the coffee in the secondary (is it a espresso type of preparation or just throwing it in ground up)? Also what sort of chocolate...
  15. malt_shovel

    Fresh Fig Reduction for Belgian Brew

    I have access to fresh figs and so made a brown sugar glaze / reduction. I am thinking of using this in a secondary of a Dubble or BDSA but not sure how much to use for a 20ltr batch. I have made about .75kg of a fairly liquid mix which has 150gm of brown sugar. Anyone out there have...
  16. malt_shovel

    Whats In The Glass

    ESB - Delta and EKG late with 1469. About 4 weeks from brewday is damn tasty. Cheers
  17. malt_shovel

    Carbonation tool temperature confusion? Are we doing it wrong?

    I understand your example but someone fermenting cool for a lager but planning to serve warmer in winter could easily add MORE priming sugar if you ignore what is already dissolved. Also someone not reading your first post thoroughly could easily come to the conclusion that there is no CO2...
  18. malt_shovel

    Carbonation tool temperature confusion? Are we doing it wrong?

    Sorry but I believe yu risk bottle bombs with this idea. Henrys law around partial pressures means that in a sealed container such as your fermenter the disolved concentration of CO2 will try to reach equilibrium with the trapped CO2 in the headspace. You are right that if it were an open...
  19. malt_shovel

    Whats In The Glass

    Hey mate. That looks bloody good and I would be really keen to know a lot more about your process for gluten freee from sourcing / selecting your grain to the final product. Feel free to PM or start another thread as I know there are other people who would be interested. Cheers
  20. malt_shovel

    Leftovers Partial Recipe

    Am I reading this right that you ended up with around 10 ltrs (minus evaporation during the boil so closer to 8ltrs) with those ingredients? If so I imagine the OG would be huge. Even with a 20odd ltr batch it would be big. Too big for a single packet of old yeast. I wouldn't expect great things...