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  1. Yeastfridge

    FS: Voyager Malts, full and half full

    Sold. Admins feel free to delete if you like
  2. Yeastfridge

    FS: Voyager Malts, full and half full

    Whoops, pickup Randwick, Sydney. Going to edit the original post.
  3. Yeastfridge

    FS: Voyager Malts, full and half full

    Bit off more than I can chew with a grain order and now trying to make a bit of space. All uncracked and kept with bag tied up in a plastic box (got them out for the photo). Will accept reasonable offers, pickup Randwick 2031. 25kg Voyager Compass malt, unopened. $50 "Voyager Compass Pale...
  4. Yeastfridge

    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy

    Has this closed? Would be very keen for a bag of MO or any other English base pale if it's going... Could pay ASAP
  5. Yeastfridge

    Honey Stanmore 30kg

    Would be keen for ~10kg if there are a few others interested... Happy to organise too if it's too much of a hassle for you as well
  6. Yeastfridge

    Show Us Your Cider Trees

    Anybody out there willing to sell me some cider scions?!
  7. Yeastfridge

    FS: Cascade and Centennial hop rhizomes - Sydney

    Hi all, I've been pretty quiet on here lately but just brewing away. I've just dug up my hops in preparation for the new season and have about 15 Cascade rhizomes and 15 Centennial rhizomes. All 10-15cm with at least 4 buds (most have many more) starting to swell or burst. $10 a pop, 3 for...
  8. Yeastfridge

    Two Metre Tall Brewery

    Tried quite a few of their beers and ciders a few times and to me there is huge variation. I'm into seasonal variation, but... a few times I have found some of the beers (cleansing ale, spelt) to be as amazing as some of the best Belgian Gueze and at other times vague, uncomplex and so sour...
  9. Yeastfridge

    Experience With Wyeast 1968

    Gotta get me some of this! Anyone have any experience fermenting a bit warm? Should be fine for at least another month but I don't have temp control...
  10. Yeastfridge

    Dry enzyme

    Yes it would change the taste. Less sweetness so would seem drier, more bitter, less mouthfeel/body. Maybe more boozy tasting if you just stick to your usual recipe because you will have more alcohol. Any sugar added (dextrose or glucose, assuming this is at bottling) will turn into alcohol so...
  11. Yeastfridge

    New member!

    Why don't you tell us what you're trying to get rid of and how much you want for it?
  12. Yeastfridge

    2015 Whisky Barrels -

    I have to consult my barrel buddy who lives in Melbourne. All up is it 250 + gst + 70?
  13. Yeastfridge

    2015 Whisky Barrels -

    Everyone needs some more barrels already, right? Missed the boat
  14. Yeastfridge

    Interesting resource on hops

    Thanks for sharing! Haven't seen it posted before and heaps of good technical info in there.
  15. Yeastfridge

    Quince juice extraction and addition to cider ?

    When people cook quince usually they add a bunch of sugar/honey, it's not very sweet if you cook it plain. Not to discourage you, just for the truth. There are quite a few varieties of quince (like apples) and some are actually not bad raw, while others taste like running the inside of your...
  16. Yeastfridge

    Visiting Sydney at the end of the month.. any LHBS tips?

    Also The Hop and Grain in Marrickville is close to Sydenham Station, only a few stops from the city and I'm pretty sure the express trains stop at Sydenham too
  17. Yeastfridge

    5 Litre Cider Yeast question

    Half is good, usually you technically need more than one packet for 23L
  18. Yeastfridge

    Soy sauce

    Haven't done any soy sauce yet but I've made about 5 batches of miso. Only started eating 2 so far, similar to soy in that fermentation can take years... Takes a bit of patience
  19. Yeastfridge

    Show Us Your Cider Trees

    Bump! Anyone around?