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  1. Innes

    Stockade Brew Co / Camden Show2017

    I won the first place with my Imperial Oatmeal Stout and second place with my Chocolate Porter in the dark category. My Imperial Oatmeal Stout won champion exhibit overall.
  2. Innes Pictures

    Innes Pictures

  3. Innes

    Castle Hill and NSW State Homebrewing Competition 2014

    I know the flyer says one 500ml or two 375ml, but would it be a problem if I entered two 330ml bottles? I want to enter the comp, but all my beers are in 330ml bottles.
  4. Innes

    Third russian imperial stout. Still not quite there!

    Is it the same judge judging this category each time?
  5. Innes

    Little Creatures IPA

    This is so very true. There is no law which states all beer must be brew to conform to the style guidelines developed by an American homebrew association. LC have already said that it is in the style of an English IPA, so why are people comparing it to American IPA's like Hop Hog etc? I would...
  6. Innes

    Separating fridge from freezer for fermentation fridge

    As an electrician and refrigeration mechanic, I can tell you your gut is correct.
  7. Innes

    Oatmeal stout partial

    You could try some of this
  8. Innes

    What to do with a Mr Beer

    On the one occasion you used it, how did the beer turn out? The website says that the beer mixture is all powdered and I'm curious how an all powdered beer mix turns out.
  9. Innes

    Wanted Swing Type Beer Tap Badges/signs

    Do you mean these?
  10. Innes

    Show Us Your Beer Engines

    As I don't have a bar at home to attach my beer engine to, I went down the path of designing and constructing a purpose built stand. The initial design started out being a simple stand to hold the beer engine at a comfortable height, but over time it evolved (as all these projects tend to do)...
  11. Innes

    Recommend me a commercial porter?

    Coopers Dark Ale and Tooheys Old are not a porters.
  12. Innes

    Kegging options where space is limited

    If there are limited options in the kitchen, don't put it in the kitchen. There's nothing like a keg fridge in the living/dining room as a conversational piece, not to mention convenience. My keg fridge lives in my dining room and it always makes for great dinner conversation when I top up...
  13. Innes

    Hop Dealz Australia

    I didn't realise that distilling essential oils was so popular! :huh:
  14. Innes

    good Food article - the truth about cider

    I don't understand how Australia can be in a cider revival when it has only been in the last few years that cider has become widely available and consumed. From what I understand, there has never been a large or mainstream cider culture or consumption in Australia and for decades, the only...
  15. Innes

    Sounds good would love to try some

    Maybe they have given up on their pursuit of CUB's old trademarks and have to find some other ye olde beer thing to do. Unless this 130 year old recipe lists specifics such as malt specification, hop variety & AA% and yeast strain etc, all that Thunder Road can say is that the beer is a close...
  16. Innes

    Grain Mill Bulk Buy - Melbourne

    I'd be interested too if you could post to Sydney.
  17. Innes


    Does anyone know who is brewing this for Coles?
  18. Innes

    How much pumpkin for a pumpkin ale?

    I don't think you are supposed to taste the pumpkin in a pumpkin ale. I thought the pumpkin was used to add fermentables and the ale was spiced using the same spices used in a pumpkin pie.
  19. Innes

    Kent Bitter / Kent Stour

    Most 1st Choice Liquor stores here in Sydney sell Kent Old Brown in single stubbies and 6 packs. I don't think it is sold in longnecks.
  20. Innes

    Kent Bitter / Kent Stour

    I wonder if he was thinking of Kent Old Brown. It still available and is quite popular in Newcastle from what I've heard.