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  1. costanzo

    What flavour beer do you like?(APA, IPA, or Belgium Dubel etc)

    I often get asked what my favourite beer is. Although I enjoy APA's there is always an occasion for any beer. What is your favourite beer? You would be surprised to find out that the most drunk beer in the world is made in China. Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, England...
  2. costanzo

    It's All In The Glass (or is it?)

    Beers have been served in any common glass for decades without thought of aroma and flavour being compromised. However, it is perhaps no wonder when we consider the mainly insipid offerings of mainstream beers; no need to savour the many different styles, colours and textures that beer can be...
  3. costanzo

    Should you filter Craft Beer? (does it not remove flavour?)

    Last time we spoke about an article showing a study claiming arsenic can leach into beer filtered with D.E. I promised to talk about filtration of beer in general and whether it took out flavour from beer. So here goes...
  4. costanzo

    Does filtering beer lead to high levels of Arsenic?(anyone drinking be

    Filtration of beer has had the big stick in recent times. Now, a new study has show that there is twice the level of Arsenic in filtered beer than water. We'll look at the issue of filtration here and try to piece it all together. High Levels of Arsenic in Beer Beer enthusiasts may be alarmed...
  5. costanzo

    A Brw Day To Remember

    Murray, did you use the brew calculator to work out your brew length etc? Very high gravity brewing can be tricky, that's why your runoff got stuck.
  6. costanzo

    Brew Course

    Well, I have now secured a place in Melbourne to do the same, and better, 5 day course. I have added a tour to a great brewery, Matilda Bay Garage, and, for the first time, a malting tour to Powells Maltings. I have guest speakers, who will talk about tasting beer, and malting barley, both with...
  7. costanzo

    Brew Course

    Hi Brewers, announcing the next best thing to drinking beer.............................making it right! Learn how to make exceptional beer, almost every time! Why do I say almost every time? Because even the professionals get it wrong sometimes. So, I'm not going to give you the ra, ra, ra...
  8. costanzo

    Three Times Lucky..

    where did you get the idea for the sparge ring? seems like a simple process i wonder why not all brewers are doing it. And with your elements does it burn the wort?
  9. costanzo

    Brewing Course

    The next course starts Feb 18 in Melbourne. Go to for further details.
  10. costanzo

    Brewing Course

    New course dates for 2010 are now on my website.
  11. costanzo

    How To Do Extract Brew?

    You may also be interested in the introductory extract course at Holesglen Tafe, starting 9th Nov to 7th Dec (5 weeks). This course covers extract brewing, all you need to know about malt, hops and yeast, how to vary the brew and styles of beer. If you want to understand how each ingredient...
  12. costanzo

    Brewing Course

    Hi all home brewers in Sydney, I have secured a 5 day (consecutive) brewing course at Campbelltown at the Rydges Hotel for 24th-28th October 2009. Enrolments are now open and you can enrol by filling an enrolment form along with payment. Go to my website for enrolment form and further details...
  13. costanzo

    Brewing Course

  14. costanzo

    New Brew Course Commencing

    Hi, It is the advanced course. Why can't you make it all the time? Distance, start time?
  15. costanzo

    New Brew Course Commencing

    Hi all, This will probably be the last advanced AG brewing course this year in Melbourne. The previous 2 have been well accepted. It starts on 27th August 09 and details and enrollment form can be found at Don't miss out and come along with a...
  16. costanzo

    Brewing Course 101

    There is less than a week left till the second course starts. So come on down and learn about; Malts, Hops, water and the design of different styles of beer Brewing with a small scale brewing plant (60L.). Take home beer Using different yeasts Fermentation...
  17. costanzo

    Brewing Course

    There is still time to enrol into The Melbourne Advanced Brewing Short Course. For those of you who do not know about this course, it has been designed to improve your skills and demystify the art of grain brewing. Learn, also, to avoid the pitfalls and myths that are going around. Follow these...
  18. costanzo

    Why Is It

    which brewery is that? Down South the big brewer still uses D.E. filtration.
  19. costanzo

    Why Is It

    filtering beer commercially can be a complex process. Firstly, the beer may be fined. Then it is kept at 0 deg.C for some time. Then it can be either filtered cold with what's known as diatomaceous earth filter or pad filtered on a plate and frame filter. I've done alot of diatomaceous earth...
  20. costanzo

    Brewing Course

    Most likely in the Flemington area.