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  1. indica86

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Really? Not impressed if that is the case.
  2. indica86

    Food Gardening

    Lost all my apples to birds in two days. Oh well. More bananas coming, massive amount of avocados as usual. Decent bowl of Davidson Plums so will be making some jam. Perhaps a Davidson Plum wheat beer next year?
  3. indica86

    Smoking Meat...

    Well done mate!
  4. indica86

    Critique my next APA

    Why so much gypsum? And as above, quaffable with low fg I'd go a fair bit less bitterness.
  5. indica86

    Cryo Hops - Discussion Thread

    The Mosaic resin is f00kin AWESOME. Danky dank dank dank.
  6. indica86

    Mexican Cooking

    Never used fresh and only eaten canned once. Mind was blown.
  7. indica86

    Mexican Cooking < I bought the purple ones and heaps came up.
  8. indica86

    Mexican Cooking

    Just planted some tomatillos after buying a can and loving it.
  9. indica86

    Beer near Bondi?

    Any breweries or good beer near Bondi. I will be there this weekend.
  10. indica86

    Mangrove Jacks M-36 attenuation question

    Used to be Burton Union I am reasonably sure. Good yeast.
  11. indica86

    How to put Rum'n'Raisin flavours in a brew...?

    Special B and Caraaroma are very similar manticle.
  12. indica86

    How to put Rum'n'Raisin flavours in a brew...?

    Raisin like flavours can come from caraaroma
  13. indica86

    Mangrove Jacks M-36 attenuation question

    I'd be happy with 1.011 from that yeast. I have used it a bit... was that the one called Burton Ale?
  14. indica86

    Trinity Beach Nth QLD - any change of getting a decent beer ?

    Too late? Macalister Brewing Company. Smithfield. Brilliant. A few restaurants have there own beers (brewed by Red Dragon) and various others. I have had Pirate Life IIPA on tap which was nice,
  15. indica86

    INKBIRD Special Giveaway for Thanksgiving!

    IRF-2S. Great looking gear inky!
  16. indica86

    When you are tired of hoppy beers what do you brew?

    Saison. Saison. Saison. So easy, so good.
  17. indica86

    Cryo Hops - Discussion Thread

    So… very nice and mellow bitterness, good aroma and hop flavour. Another taste - solid bitterness. I have not ever really tasted astringency so cannot say if there is any or not. Good beer. Just had a hop burp. Recipe Specifications ————————– Estimated OG: 1.050 SG Estimated Color: 9.4 EBC...
  18. indica86

    I love beer and brewing, but..

    Hangover? Really? Like almost never from homebrew.
  19. indica86

    F*ck you Woolworths

    Filled in feedback form. I like the wallaby flour.
  20. indica86

    Smoking Meat...

    That bacon from that book is so good!