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  1. HardEight

    Two fermenters same fridge

    2x30L Brewpiless controlled.. Fridge only connected in summer... Reptile heat cord (coiled around inside door) in winter
  2. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    Here is the original wiring pic of mine... (When i first added the pump) I don't know the serial no. (I scratched the sticker off the bottom when i started modding it). But here's my invoice number and purchase date. Inv No MG 000121005 Date : 18 Aug 2020
  3. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    "AUS/NZ code" is more hardwired stuff... These these things fall under appliances.. EESS... and other International standards. They are classified and checked on importation. I'm guessing they are ok... as long as you have a safety switch RCBO/ELCB/RCD on the power outlet you will be fine...
  4. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    Yeah that's it, "Regular" is 1k=500w and the Boost is 2k. They go thru the switches after the SSR's (Just for the indication lights mostly). I put a Pt100 temp probe into the center of the kettle space below the false bottom screen. The controller is a PID in brew mode and a power controller...
  5. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    Sorry that was a mid-mod pic ;)... Here is a more finished one... I didn't bypass the thermal cutout, I removed it. That was only there so donks don't turn the elements on without any liquid in the boiler ;) (I'm a sparky by trade).
  6. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    A 1/2" hole i drilled with a holesaw ;) 1/2" nipple with nut in boiler and 90deg+hose barb underneath
  7. HardEight

    Dodgy Digiboil Wiring?

    My 65L digi was Negative switched. I've swapped it around... and changed control systems to the Auber DSPR400 (Brew/Distil controller) with a pump.
  8. HardEight

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Hi, I've recently built and been running a BrewPiLess on my ferment fridge. Now I'm collecting bits for a few iSpindel's. I bought a heap of bits for the older style 3d printed drawer kind. Then bought a couple of these (did I waste my money...
  9. HardEight

    Cheap SSR

    TL:DR - They work ok... I've used them for many years in home brewing equipment.. Cheap, but they do the job. (Only ever had one go "close circuit" on me when one of the old KK elements let go....)
  10. HardEight

    How much beer have you brewed this year

    I'm 40, have a good job, family and a kid, do 100L brew days (2x50L ferment one, cube the other), drink on average a corny a week, and I love it! Fully functional alcoholism I think they call it... I only drink beer, nothing else, and it's usually about 5%... and I don't eat junk... Drink...
  11. HardEight

    How much beer have you brewed this year

    Bang on 1000L ... (20 x 50L) ...So far... Still have a few brews left in the year.
  12. HardEight

    Low pre boil volume,gravity to high

    Start using brew software.. When you get your equipment dialed in right brew days will run much more smoothly. I started with Brewmate (free) and after a while changed to Beersmith (worth the money IMO.) It all seems daunting to start, but as you adjust for volumes, losses and efficiency it...
  13. 2015 04 14 16.06.02

    2015 04 14 16.06.02

  14. 2015 04 14 16.04.44

    2015 04 14 16.04.44

  15. HardEight

    Man wakes up at a Moscow bus stop with gonads gone. snopes is your friend...
  16. HardEight

    110v stcs

    I did exactly the same thing once.. It is gathering dust on the shelf in the garage.. ("I might need it one day!") I found it was about the same to buy a new 240v one than buy a converter...
  17. HardEight

    Wanted - 30L fermentor

    Also disposals shops ('Aussie Disposals' etc) sell all sizes of wide mouth clear water containers suitable to use as fermenters.. (imo. better than the bunnings blue ones if you don't like the glad wrap method) You can buy the airlocks from BigW for cheap, or a brew shop. Also get the taps for...
  18. HardEight

    Complete brewing setup available cheap

    There's your problem... You spent $800 on dispensing equipment and only $20-$30 on your "custom fermentation chamber", it needs a "custom paint job" ;) Did you even brew? Looking at the other junk you are selling it looks like you are a pawn shop owner or something...
  19. HardEight

    How many litres did you brew in 2014?

    45x25L brews + 9x50L brews for a grand total of approx. 1575L of tasty beer! 1 brew was 25L of cider, 1 weird tasting keg I dumped and 1 brew had a pellicle but i kegged 19L and it tastes ok (still drinking it)... I think i brewed about the same amount last year (and the liver is still...