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  1. Phillo

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Hey, Jesse! Just touching base mate, was going to PM this, but thought I'd write it up for everyone to see. I've bought hops from a few different places over the last few years, but even hops that I've used many times before seem to pack more flavour and aroma when I've ordered them from HDA...
  2. Phillo

    "Sharp" tasting beer, but only in some bottles?

    Any dry hopping Strobe? When I was dry hopping before I had a fridge for cold crashing, I used to find that little bits of hops would make it into some of the bottles. I always found those particular bottles to taste like shit. Other than that, the only suggestion would be infections in the...
  3. Phillo

    Happy accidents

    Yes, several times. Sorry. I misunderstood the title of this thread. :ph34r:
  4. Phillo

    1st time hop grow/ slow chinook/ need advice

    My Chinook went from one small shoot to 8 strong ones in the space of a week. Hostile takeover.
  5. Phillo

    Techni ice drink dispenser

    The 40L classic ice box on the same website is going for $79.00. Looks perfect, so I ordered myself one to replace my current mash tun.
  6. Phillo

    Efficiency still in the crapper

    I tried a 60 min mash once with no other variables, and went from 70s down to late 60s. I do 90 min now. I reckon crush size and temperature of your sparge also make a difference. I do a two stage batch sparge and get ~75% efficiency.
  7. Phillo

    Too much NS = onion?

    Wow. Never had that. Whenever I have used too much NS (don't use it at all now) I just get a passion-pop, white wine type flavour. :icon_vomit:
  8. Phillo

    Ageing Beer! It definitely works!

    I am missing something colossal here.
  9. Phillo

    cooked my brew

    Yeah, same here. Ockie straps all the way baby. I don't trust any kind of tape to hold inside a fridge.
  10. Phillo

    How Much Beer Do You Drink?

    I can't remember if I've posted in this thread or not. No more than two per evening during the week, but I have a couple AFDs in there. Friday, usually about 4 stubbies. Sat & Sun... SWMBO gets mad :ph34r:
  11. Phillo

    Bottling Outside

    Yes there is. The inside of my house is probably way filthier than outside. And there are more animals. :lol:
  12. Phillo

    Getting very close to AG...

    Thought sparging was rinsing the grains, not the recirculation.
  13. Phillo

    Getting very close to AG...

    Isn't this called vorlaufing?
  14. Phillo

    Getting very close to AG...

    This is the inside of my esky mash tun before its maiden voyage (the rest of the brew day is documented somewhere over on the Coopers forum). Piece of cake really. I just use a stainless fitting to weigh the end down. I honestly can't believe how long this thing seems to be lasting. BTW, I...
  15. Phillo

    Getting very close to AG...

    I use a stainless braid from a hose for a manifold in my esky. It was supposed to only see me through for a brew or two until I made it down to BeerBelly for a falsie. I never got around to getting the falsie, and the braid is still rockin' many brews later. A cheap option if you want me to post...
  16. Phillo

    Critique my ESB...

    I was thinking the same thing. I usually leave it at 10% in total.
  17. Phillo

    Ageing Beer! It definitely works!

    I like my Belgian ales at around 4 weeks old. From 8 weeks on they decline pretty rapidly for my tastes.
  18. Phillo

    3V build help reqd

    The beauty of it is that you can start as small as you want and then build on it. I started with 1 vessel BIAB in a 32L pot with no tap, using a jiggle siphon. Then I added a tap, and that was cool. I then upgraded my pot size to 40L, also cool. Earlier this year, I got an esky mash tun...
  19. Phillo

    1st time hop grow/ slow chinook/ need advice

    My 2nd year Chinook just broke earth a few days ago. Don't worry mate, they go ape shit once a few shoots come up.
  20. Phillo

    Grain mill BB once again

    Yep. Two eye bolts are for locking the adjustments in place once you have your desired gap. If you're unsure, try setting the gap with a credit card. I know that's what some people do. ;)