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  1. Deep End

    Why do ALL of my can kits taste bad?

    I remember, when I first started brewing, every second brew I made tasted "wrong". I put that down to poor cleaning, although it may have been something else. I still only brew K&K. It does what I need it to do from a beer and I spend more time mucking around on other projects. However, they...
  2. Deep End

    NAA.....JAO's Tasmanian Cousin

    Just a quick note on clearing. I bottled some mead a month or so back now. It took 13 months to clear.
  3. Deep End

    Kim Chi

    I live in Tassie so I guess it stays cool enough, just finished my first batch and I survived, had a taste of the new batch yesterday, still vertical, far so good LOL Top Stuff anyway, even planted Wombok, Daikon and Spring Onions in my vegie patch!!
  4. Deep End

    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    I cracked my last bottle of JAO at a christmas party earlier this week. I have not tasted it since I bottled it, and then it was "Hot" and like drinking Orange Peel. I have given bottles away over time, entered them in shows etc, but never actually got down to the business of drinking it...
  5. Deep End

    Kim Chi

    Bumped into Kimchi on the tele the other day and got inspired, bought some from the local Asian grocery, liked it, then made a batch. Think I've found my new favourite healthy food
  6. Deep End

    First cider attempt

    Cider usually goes a little slower than beer, but depending on temp, I'd take a reading as soon as activity ceases through the airlock, take readings over a few days and when you get three readings of the same value it should be fine to bottle. There is no rush though, it could sit there for a...
  7. Deep End

    Parsnip Wine

    Ohh and to answer Mr No-Tip OG was 1.068 as to taste it tastes like wine, which most country wines do, its a clean, uncomplicated white wine taste, has good acid, tart, crisp. I'd have to have another go at it to be any more descriptive. But a blackberry wine I made a few years ago, looks...
  8. Deep End

    Parsnip Wine

    I'm just about to head out to a BBQ, will post the recipe up later this arvo, on another note, I'm putting together a pomegranate melomel and a cyser today sometime. Ohh I will have time to do it now.... 1.75kg parsnips, 500g ripe bananas, 500g sultana, 7g rose petals, 20g malic tartaric...
  9. Deep End

    Parsnip Wine

    Some time ago I put together a Parsnip Wine. It has been sitting in my cupboard waiting to clear before bottling for the last 9 months or so, according to my records. So, as I just mentioned, it had cleared a few days ago. Consequently I put it in bottles yesterday, during the process I got...
  10. Deep End

    NAA.....JAO's Tasmanian Cousin

    I just followed the recipe I put up, it cleared pretty quick, however the Lake Pedder Meadowflower Mead I"ve made...two batches have not cleared and its been six months easy.
  11. Deep End

    The best cider book?

    Hayne's ( The same mob that do the car fixing books) have a cider manual, its a good read, informative.
  12. Deep End


    Was out playing 8 ball tonight and I had the misfortune to decide to try a Magners. That is some nasty four letter word starting with S. Has a nasty, nasty taste, the Irish must have to suffer some manky tasting apples if thats what their cider tastes like. Anyway, nuf said.
  13. Deep End

    Apple and Ginger Cider.

    I imagine the ginger will either be unnoticeable or will take or the other depending on quantity. But I may be wrong, it has happened before.
  14. Deep End

    Just on another note.....

    Was just having a quick gander over some posts and reminded myself of something I discovered the other day. Firstly, I'm not a huge drinker, hence some things get to age this long at my place. But I digress, so anyway a friend came round for a tasting after learning of my cider. So I whipped...
  15. Deep End

    Mead question

    Funny you say that Dave, as this honey crystallized within 2 months of purchase, and its taking its time to clear.
  16. Deep End

    Mead question

    Thinking about racking the Parsnip Wine once more, as its still not as clear as I'd like it to be.
  17. Deep End

    Mead question

    Unsure to be honest, it was Lake Pedder Wildflower Honey I bought at a country show, so there is a fair chance it hasnt been fiddled with too much
  18. Deep End

    Mead question

    I'll let you know in 12 to 18 months LOL
  19. Deep End

    first sparkling cider - about to bottle, but lots of alcohol?

    We must catch up one day Rob and taste each other's ware's.
  20. Deep End

    Mead question

    Well attached are some pictures of the two brews in question, also my Parsnip Wine, which is slowly clearing. The Parsnip wine is the one that looks like a bottle of Urine! The other two are a semi sweet and a sweet mead. They fermented out and have been racked off the lee's and are a few...