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  1. d3vour3r

    Sold All-Grain setup - Kegland Robobrew and other equipment/gear/adjuncts

    Home brew gear as per list below. Always thoroughly cleaned after use. Selling as a complete lot. $450 Pickup Only from 4160. Itemised List: 35L Robobrew Stainless Steel Strainer Hop Spider 19L SS Pot 2200W element kegking thermometer Ball Valve 20L Cube 20L Bucket 15L Esky Cooler 5L...
  2. d3vour3r

    Keg King kegerator series 4

    What is everyone's thoughts on the door insulation? My KL4 condensates alot and it seems to fluctuate a but in temp. The brissy beast makes it struggle. I keep it outside on my balcony (covered). I think I'm going to get some formshield from Clark's rubber and put it on the door in the inside...
  3. d3vour3r

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    big polar commerical fridge stainless steel currently 59 bucks in a grays auction make a great keg fridge.
  4. d3vour3r

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    i plan on going halves on a GF and brewing with a mate. Would be nice to make 2x20L batches from one 25L brew. do many people do this? would have to dilute a high gravity wort, then split into 2x20L batches to ferment and dry hop at our respective homes. im guessing a larger hop profile will...
  5. d3vour3r

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    where are people going for the 50L version? can only find 30l version listed on supplier websites. want to go halves with a mate and slit the brew per brew
  6. d3vour3r

    O2 and LPG regulators for CO2

    Ive got access to a O2 and LPG regulators unused that were for a welding setup. just wondering if these can be used on a CO2 bottle in a kegging setup? did a quick search and couldnt find any clear answers.
  7. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    i never went too high tech either but i reckon i can help you out cause i was a BIAB brewer as well :) Im marry a pom so no worries there mate. keep me posted with how ur going with ur kit. I get down there mid jan.
  8. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    ive tried 2 BYO places for a couple brews and the beers tasted almost metalic and tangy. all styles from english browns, pales, lagers, they all had that weird extract taste. they did improve with age tho, but u can still tell the diff between one of them and a AG brew. mind you the beer is good...
  9. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    I'd love to come hang out and be a brewmate for a day! Im a hard worker, have a solid half a clue, good sanitising practices, ill be a valuable asset to any brewday haha. especailly if i can fill a keg! I'll post back here once im settled in a place in sydney, and we organise some brewdates ;)
  10. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    I dunno if there is a fix haha. Im used to BIAB using a crown urn. My keg setup is a bar fridge with a dual font on top, 2.3kg CO2 bottle and micromatic reg. If i end up somewhere with a decent garage I'll consider brewing there, but im in the process of consolidating my crap and the brew...
  11. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    If it was just me i'd consider brewing in doors but my fiance wont approve at all lol. FWK might have to be the go, at least with fermenting the only thing i need to do is find a place to ferment and to clean the fermeneter. so where can one get a FWK in sydney. Im thinking of the meadowbank/...
  12. d3vour3r

    Fs : 6 X 19l Ball Lock Kegs - 2x 50l Demijon's

    you should post this in the AHB marketplace forum.
  13. d3vour3r

    Relocating To Sydney For Work, Unable To Brew :(

    Hi guys, So im relocating to sydney for work in january, and im most likely going to be living in a small 2 bed aprtment, with no room to brew. So my dilema is that i'm ok to part with my brewing equipment, but i wont part with my keg fridge. So i need to find beer to put in my kegs! Im...
  14. d3vour3r

    Anyone Know What Starsan Tastes Like

    maybe u didnt rinse the napisan enough. when using that stufff rinse it a few times to make sure, and with hot water if u can manage it. star san is fine, i often fill fermenters and kegs that have heaps of starsan foam in them. i think i read somewhere that star san breaks down into a sort of...
  15. d3vour3r

    How Do You Receive Television?

    the money you spend on pay tv should be spent on really good internet. You can download movies and tv shows in fullHD with dolby digital and DTS surround sound, then play them back on a modern TV via home network or a cheap (<100) media player. This is just what i've have heard anyway...
  16. d3vour3r

    Foaming Airlock

    what wort kit and what yeast? what size is ur fermentor. Search blow off tube.
  17. d3vour3r

    Counter-flow Chiller

    Yeh i have thought about something like that. Have got silicon hose for the ends, same stuff from CBer. also plan on cleaning and sanitising before and after use of course. leaving the starsan in for 10 mins is a good idea tho... going to be a couple weeks before we brew so will have to post...