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  1. bkmad

    Australian craft beer makers are at bursting point. So where to next?

    Yeah I know they do make other beers, but as others have alluded to, you often have to go to the brewery to get them. Most of the selection of craft beer in my country town is apa, xpa and ipa. I like all those just fine but it would be nice to see something a bit different every now and then...
  2. bkmad

    Australian craft beer makers are at bursting point. So where to next?

    Would probably help if they made something other than generic APAs, XPA's etc.
  3. bkmad

    Shaver Shop Shares Plummet

    I blame all the bearded hipsters myself
  4. bkmad

    Off the shelf go-to beers

    I've been picking up the occasional 4 pack of Adnams Ghost Ship pale ale. 4 pints for $14 at dans isn't bad and its a nice drop.
  5. bkmad

    Northern NSW Licensing Branch -- Public Warning

    Speaking to a local fireman today he mentioned seeing a couple of blokes staggering around Grafton last night almost unable to stand. I wondered which of you it was.
  6. bkmad

    Smoking Meat...

    Thanks, I haven't tried Holiday Coast yet. Had good luck at Grafton Mall, but the one time I went to GDSC was not long before closing time on a saturday so stock was too low to see what they have. What is this Grafton Brewmasters of which you speak?
  7. bkmad

    Smoking Meat...

    Hay shaunous, I see you're in Grafton. I've recently moved to Grafton. Can you recommend a butcher?
  8. bkmad

    Charcoal in Grafton?

    Sure enough bunnings had some. Picked up the last two bags.
  9. bkmad

    Charcoal in Grafton?

    Thanks for the replies. I haven't seen lump charcoal at Bunnings before, so I'll have to go check them out. Otherwise I'll pop by the country brewer in Toormina. As for the homebrew judging, I won't be able to attend this year unfortunately. I have a wedding in Sydney that weekend. I'm looking...
  10. bkmad

    Charcoal in Grafton?

    I've recently moved to Grafton (from Sydney) and am trying to source some charcoal to cook a pig for my dads birthday. I can't seem to find anywhere that stocks bbq charcoal. Only thing I can find is heatbeads, but I'd prefer charcoal if I could get it. I know there's a few Grafton people on the...
  11. bkmad

    Little Creatures Shepherd's Delight

    Or possibly having a puff on a billy....
  12. bkmad

    Duvel Partial attempt, feed back please

    If you want a Duval clone, you'll need to start with WY1388 as that's the Duval yeast. From memory the grain bill is something like 80% pilsner and 20% sugar (according to BLAM). You need that much sugar to get it dry enough. I think your recipe looks good, but will probably be more like a...
  13. bkmad

    Burnt Beer...

    Maybe you could turn it into a shwartz beer. Steep some black malt or carafa for a bit, strain, give it a boil and add to the beer. The burnt flavour might go ok with some roasty flavour.
  14. bkmad

    Krausen Monster

    He's gotta build the suspense
  15. bkmad

    Castle Hill Show Competition 2012

    Sounds like you're volunteering :icon_cheers:
  16. bkmad

    When Did Sorbent Jump The Shark?

    Quilten is where it's at. Aussie company too
  17. bkmad

    Candi Syrup Recipes

    Hi, I came across this website today with some interesting recipes for (mainly) Belgian beer clones using candi syrup and thought others might find it useful. I like the simplicity of most of the recipes which seems to be in line with what the trappists do...
  18. bkmad

    Lion To Purchase Little World Beverages

    Indeed. I give it 6 months before their pale ale goes the way of JS golden and ends up tasting suspiciously like tooheys new. I so hope I am wrong though :angry:
  19. bkmad

    Low Efficiency

    My first few biags had low efficiency as well. What improved it for me was adding a mash out step and stirring constantly while raising to mashout. I think the stirring helps to release the malty goodness and the mashout makes it less viscous so less gets caught up in the grain. I also find I...
  20. bkmad

    What To Brew With Chateau Malt Pale Ale?

    Well the Belgian Blonde I mentioned above was a great beer. The pils malt is definitely better for euro beers than JW, especially given the minimal price difference. Unfortunately I can't commment on how good it is compared with other euro malts such as weyerman as I've never used them, but I...