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  1. steamboat willy

    Coopers dark ale hops suggestions?

    Fuggles is good, Willamette is also a good one to use in black beers, I have used it in kit beers to try to get something close to a tooheys old type of flavour
  2. steamboat willy

    A-Type Keg Coupler

    Hello everyone, I have an A-Type keg coupler that I only used a handful of times. I've upgraded the keg i was using and now no longer need it. I also have a 5/8 push-in stile fitting that has never been used. I was hoping for $20 it. I'm in Kempsey, NSW.
  3. steamboat willy

    Keezer Build

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time observer, rare poster. Thought i would share my recent creation. I entered the world of kegging late last year, and have recently finished the conversion of a cheap chest freezer into a keg fridge. I've got two taps for the two kegs that I use, usually one for...