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  1. GFC07

    Bill Murray Lager fresh wort kit

    They would have probably been 20 and 10 min @ 12.g each I didnt write that detail down in my early notes
  2. GFC07

    4th BIAB in 50lt keg

    Enough to fill a 19 keg after fermentation finished
  3. GFC07

    4th BIAB in 50lt keg

    Hi fellow brewers, Have recently dipped the toe in to the all grain BIAB brewing, expanding my experience from kits & kilo & extract and partials. BIAB#1 (finished keg last week) 5kg pale 2 row .5kg crystal 60 .5kg wheat malt mashed into 32ltr water @ aprx 69 deg c for 60 min, temp dropped to...
  4. GFC07

    Fresh wort kits vs Can worts

    I've been finishing a coopers pale ale keg of so i apologize in advance Today i purchased in northern suburbs of melb, Blackrock american pal ale tin - $23.90 Morgans Xtra pale LME - $14.50 1kg DLME - $10.00 (the dry light stuff) sf05 - $6.50 (can use kit yeast if i wanted) =$55 I haven't...
  5. GFC07

    Fresh wort kits vs Can worts

    Hi Fella's I've done 6 All in FWK to date and all have been fantastic in my humble opinion. You cant really go wrong with these kits. Ive done the following kits: Billy murray lager (with saflager yeast) Was very nice 2 x citra pale ale (dry hopped 25g of citra & Cascade) My favorite so fat...
  6. GFC07

    Tequila beer

    i don't recommend it but you could get some of that tequila essence from the HBS and chuck into the fermenter prior to bottling/kegging?
  7. GFC07

    Where can I get granite rocks?

    readsdale near bendigo the farmers will probably pay you to do it
  8. GFC07

    Kegging Setups

    thats perfect river setup
  9. GFC07

    Bill Murray Lager fresh wort kit

    So Bill was well worth it, The fat yack is a keeper also. I've got a ruby amber ale kit in the Keg ready to go soon as i finish the stout i made. I fuckn love making beer and whiskeys :super: :kooi: Also, Got a 500ltr freezer for the keezer build from Bumtree for $150 its about 4 years old...
  10. GFC07

    Hop Hog Partial Recipe Advice

    Hi Op, I love feral hop hog, is currently my favorite beer. I tried to make a similar brew recently and it was also my best beer ive made to date, im relatively new to brewing after a 6 or 7 year hiatus. My recipe for Hop Hog was as follows: 2 tins Black rock Light malt extract 1.2kg Dry...
  11. GFC07

    So I've got......

    So i put the following in the fermenter on top of the left overs from a draft batch i just kegged, So i fucked up initally i think, i let 500g of grain steep overnight in a pot with 2.5 litres of water in the oven (oven not switched on). So when i went to check my handy work i had 3 litres of...
  12. GFC07

    So I've got......

    Hi Guys, So I've got the following, Coopers pale ale tin Coopers light malt extract tin 1kg crystal grain 50g Amarillo 50g northern brewer 50g cascade Can get more ingredients if needed, So what do you guys suggest i make with the above? + more if needed I was originally going to make a hop...
  13. GFC07

    Easter means no supplies help with a big w recipe

    dan murphys has everything except hops
  14. GFC07

    Bill Murray Lager fresh wort kit

    So bills been kegged for 4 days and poured the first pint last night. Very nice I must say very happy with the result would make again. My fat yak which I kegged last night, taste awesome from the sample taken for fg. Have already bought the ingredients to make another yak, I think this will be...
  15. GFC07

    Bill Murray Lager fresh wort kit

    Hi Maaark, Cheers, it says on the front you can use 3 different types, M?84 i think cant quite read it, saflager S23 which is the one the guy @ the home brew shop recommended and you can also use WY2278 also according to the packaging. What did you think of the ones you tried? Better than a kit...
  16. GFC07

    Bill Murray Lager fresh wort kit

    Hi Guys, 2nd post, generally when i take a new hobby up i jump in as deep as i can afford and see how i go. So in saying that, i have now three 19 ltr kegs, 3 fermentors, single gas reg and a pluto gun. Kegs are set up one at a time in the newly prioritized bar fridge. (misses is also now...
  17. GFC07

    Back for a second bash at home brew beer

    Hi Guys, I've Been lurking for a bit, decided to get on board officially. Been making other stuff to drink for a little while (Still playing around with it, pun intended) and has re sparked my interest to making some good home brew again also. Used to make some for a a year or so in 2004 or 5...