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  1. enikoy

    Thinking of Opening a Boozer?

    Haha, I've been using the Mandurah by-pass road for too long. That area of Mandurah was a farm last time I drove through!
  2. enikoy

    How long bottle - Pale Ale - US-05 at 16c

    Standard answer is 3 weeks. But to be honest, since I have been doing all grain, I've found that even after 4 days there can be reasonable low carbonated beer to test. I drink them at all ages, it's a good education on how the beer develops. Though Ive never served to anyone else before 2...
  3. enikoy

    PET Bottles

    Just the caps that come with the bottles. I cut the seal ring off and cap them tight but not super tight (which can deform them). The bottles get a single use. We drink the mineral water, use bottle for beer and then to recycling. My wife supplies me with more empties than I could use
  4. enikoy

    PET Bottles

    I reuse 4 to 8 1.25l coles carbonated water bottles each 23l batch I do. I store them in black crates like below from Bunnings. Absolutely no difference in flavour to the ones I do in 330ml brown glass. Sure cuts down bottling time and they get emptied quick enough on weekend sessions...
  5. enikoy

    West Coast of America Trip

    Minor tour here:
  6. enikoy

    Beglian Blond recipe subs

    Crisp malt is available in Australia if you want. But I would just sub it out for the best locally available crystal with similar spec.
  7. enikoy

    NEIPA Dry Yeast options

    I had my best Neipa result with safale K97. Supposedly German ale yeast but its low floculation and flavor made a great version of Beerco's Hazy Trucker.
  8. enikoy

    Difficult water profile - Perth

    I bought one of these RO filters recently. Very happy with it for $80 (with ebay deal). The two batches I have done with it (Yokine WA) have come through smoother tasting, an improvement for sure. Probably used it 4x as much for drinking water and the soda stream. Will work out much cheaper than...
  9. enikoy

    SAY NO TO BRIGALOW (Apple Cider Review)

    I made a batch of "Prison Cider" for fun a few month ago using the cheap Coles apple juice and some re-cycled Lallemand ESB yeast. I was really quite stunned how well it came up for what it was. After bottle conditioning it was crystal clear and tasted better than some commercial ciders I've...
  10. enikoy

    Chemical off taste

    Tastes like surgical rubber soaked in beer.
  11. enikoy

    A stout - afraid to bottle it - HELP

    I'd be bottling in PET Plastic bottles with this one for sure! Would not risk glass bottle bombs.
  12. enikoy

    Any Home Brew Black Friday Deals & Specials? (Australia only) Grainfather deal
  13. enikoy

    BIAB Kettle on a Budget - Brisbane

    I like that the Soga pot has riveted handles rather than spot welded. I'd have that bit more faith when lifted my mash water and grain.
  14. enikoy

    Same Malt Different Hops

    I'll leave that detail to the experts. In my case I usually get 6-7 23l brews from a bag, so it is open for about about 4 months. I roll the bag down tight and clamp it shut. When it fits in a 20l sealed bin, I'll pop the whole bag in there. I'm usually more concerned about my speciality grains...
  15. enikoy

    Same Malt Different Hops

    I really like the Barrett Burston Pale Malt. I pretty much use it for everything as a base malt. I did have a bag of Joe White Traditional Ale but found the BB Pale always made a better beer. I usually buy when Brewmart have a deal, which was $39 last time around for the BB Pale. Having said...
  16. enikoy

    TV show about English beers and pubs?

    The classic was Michael Jackson's "The Beer Hunter" back in the 90s. I remember that pushed a few of circle of friends to stop accepting the one type of lager on tap deal that we had in Perth/Australia. 1989 seems like another planet compared to the beer choice we have today.
  17. enikoy

    TV show about English beers and pubs?

    You'd want to get onto it pretty quick as it is disappearing from SBS on demand. Was good entertainment.
  18. enikoy

    Replicating a bygone ale

    If only I could channel my ancestors knowledge! Recently informed by my Dad (who's doing the family tree hunt) that brewing must be in my genes. Based on occupations on birth & death certificates, my great grandfather on Mum's side was a brewer at The Swan Brewery, Perth in 1916 and on Dad's...
  19. enikoy

    BIAB first timer

    I've limited my boils to 27l due to only having 23l real capacity in my fermenter (4l boil off over 60mins). That gives me plenty of spare headspace for in case of potential boil over. As for the burner, I'm using one of these>
  20. enikoy

    BIAB first timer

    For a basic straight 50l stainless steel pot, this is probably the best for money I have seen. Though I'm happily using a 40l aluminium stockpot and using the...