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  1. HamoAus

    Hot Cubing Hoppy Beers

    I do hot cubes almost for all my beers. I brew some great hoppy pale ales and IPA. No hops in the boil. About 70grams in the whirlpool. 30g dry hops. My favourite beers are made this way. Good luck. Cheers
  2. HamoAus

    Philistine Melomel

    I'm just reading a book on mead making. I'd love to give this recipe a go. Cheers
  3. HamoAus

    Lots O Bottles - BNE

    Cheers mate, they will be filled very soon with my house Hefeweizen.
  4. HamoAus

    Lots O Bottles - BNE

    Hey mate I'll take the 4 crates of Grolsch bottles if that's ok. Cheers
  5. HamoAus

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    Does Brewfather have Tilt integration? Cheers
  6. HamoAus

    Brewer's Friend Premium Membership Giveaway

    Count me in and I already have a tilt and use it every brew. Cheers
  7. HamoAus

    Probably should not be here!

    Welcome Pete. Cheers
  8. HamoAus

    The Brewer Who Quit Drinking Beer

    I agree. I stopped eating bread and reduced sugar as much as I could. Still drank beer in the weekends. I lost weight much quicker. Cheers
  9. HamoAus

    Big Post Of Water Around Australia

    Cheers mate.
  10. HamoAus

    Big Post Of Water Around Australia

    Hey Budgie I couldn't get that to work. Cheers
  11. HamoAus

    What's Your Brewery Named?

    Three Jewels Brewery My wife's name is Jules, daughters are Ruby and Sapphire. Cheers
  12. HamoAus

    Hi from SEQld

    G'day mate, welcome to the forum. Cheers
  13. HamoAus

    INKBIRD Give Away IBT-2X BBQ (Two Sensors) Thermometer!

    Yes please, I would love this one. Plus 6th June is Queensland Day. Have a great Queensland Day everyone. Cheers
  14. HamoAus

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    First crack at a Gose
  15. HamoAus

    No Rinse Sanitizer

    Oh snap. That hurt.
  16. HamoAus

    Grolsch beer on special

    Cheers to you too Sir
  17. HamoAus


    Country Brewer at Wacol used to be Brewer's Choice, same ppl but much wider range of stuff.
  18. HamoAus

    Single Vessel Brewing - RoboBrew 35L Gen 3

    Hey Andy I brewed yesterday with the second screen and had absolutely no issues. On the Robobrew user page on Facebook many others had the same experience as I did. In his wrap up Gash offers a few suggestions as to why it happened. So I made sure my screen was as flat as possible against the...
  19. HamoAus

    For Sale Brisbane - 3 Teir Brew Rig

    Hey mate how much do you want for the grain mill? Cheers