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  1. Lethaldog

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    I’m in! Interesting to see how many come out of the woodwork for a freebie hey [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji106]
  2. Lethaldog

    100 litre 3v electric brewery build

    Looks like an awesome setup, if only I had the money, skill, equipment, patients etc etc oh well guess I’ll just have to keep drooling over everyone else’s shiny stuff [emoji25]
  3. Lethaldog

    Kegerator bulk buy

    I’d be interested, price dependent!
  4. Lethaldog

    Giving Away INKBIRD IBT-6X with 6 Probes Right Now!

    Nice one @Glomp [emoji106][emoji482]
  5. Lethaldog

    Hi there from sunny FNQ

    G’day Matt and welcome, you have made a good move coming here as there is a wealth of knowledge here and a great bunch who are willing to share it, I’m in FNQ also and can tell you that it’s near on impossible to brew good beer up here without temp control and a fridge I mean even the water...
  6. Lethaldog

    Carbonation questions

    Yep 2nd that! Edit: ps Bracton line cleaner is another great glass cleaner, just soak for a bit then rinse which I usually do at the same time as my lines but if your not a kegger then all of what I just said is probably useless to you.
  7. Lethaldog

    Just how DO you get that juicy IPA taste and aroma?

    I always vac seal and freeze, use what I need to on brewday then seal again and at all times in the freezer and I find my hops last as long as it takes me to use them, for some variety’s this could be over a year as I usually buy in 500g -1kg lots, your supposed to lose a little bit over time...
  8. Lethaldog

    How Much Did You Brew In 2017

    6 brews @ 55l so about 330litres still got about 90litres in the fridge so guess I’m a bit of a light weight too haha
  9. Lethaldog

    Making pilsners with ale malt

    Just do it, brew with whatever malt you have and if you wanna call it a lager, use a lager yeast or use an ale yeast and call it an ale, which ever way you go it will still be beer[emoji23][emoji106] All jokes aside I typically try to stick close to style but I have done plenty of “chuck...
  10. Lethaldog

    Steeped hops or dry hopping reducing clarity?

    Dry hopping will add haze to beer, nothing to worry about it's from the oils in the hops, I'm not usually over concerned with clearing hop haze out, I find it does clear over time in the keg but I don't use clearing agents! Was looking recently at biofine clear which seems to be working well for...
  11. Lethaldog

    Kegging Setups

    I had a keg do this a while back, was a porter and I'd just replaced the poppets and seals etc, was actually the poppet valve and spring that got clogged up so I had to unscrew it and give it a clean! When I say clogged it took **** all to block it because it was new and tightly sealed I guess...
  12. Lethaldog

    Intertap vs perlick taps

    I worked it out, was just getting used to the new setup after all. I was a touch over carbed and pouring pressure was slightly high which obviously with my old taps didn't matter as much so I let out some pressure earlier and turned the pouring pressure down slightly and voila perfect pour, so...
  13. Lethaldog

    Intertap vs perlick taps

    Anyone have any trouble with their fc intertaps foaming and if so how did you remedy it, could be I just need to get used to the new setup but even when I adjust the flow right down it still foams, not as bad though
  14. Lethaldog

    Intertap vs perlick taps

    Well I've done the full upgrade on the fridge, got all my shiny stuff delivered on Monday and it's now all in and operational, so the upgrades were Replaced the cheap chrome plated crap I've been using for 10 years with all brand new ss fc intertaps ( one with stout adapter) + all new stainless...
  15. Lethaldog

    Little brown pumps

    Where did you get one for $70 if you don't mind me asking? on the KK site they are $179
  16. Lethaldog

    Thermapen cheaper in UK than USA

    They are accurate easy to use and super quick (3 seconds)
  17. Lethaldog

    Thermapen cheaper in UK than USA

    They sell and deliver direct from the supplier on eBay
  18. Lethaldog

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    That's just taking it one step too far [emoji23]