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  1. Gar

    Horns Across the Nation

    Cranking a bit of Motorhead tonight, I can't say I'm into stuff too heavy these days (death, black, metalcore etc) but as for your screen name and avatar. Excellent band! Lets have a little clutchage FFS :P One more for good luck :ph34r...
  2. Gar

    Ditch "Home Brew", it's "Home Made Craft Beer" ok?

    "Fancy a slug of my piss" has a much more sophisticated ring to it I find.
  3. Gar

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    Cooking up some Jerk chicken tonight :super: Pisses me off though, I've got a Habanero bush outside staring at me but the little bastards are too lazy to turn red so I've had to buy some birdseye's from the limp food people (coles) :angry:
  4. Gar

    Brewing Tonight - Live Updates

    High class porn indeed, send us some of that IPA digitally can ya
  5. Gar

    Beer Menu

    haha love it, good on em :kooi:
  6. Gar

    Beer Labels And Logos

    :lol: Epic! Reminds me of somebody I know
  7. Gar

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Cheap little setup, looks good Samsung 335 ltr fridge /freezer 30 Ltr stainless steel keg keg coupler new beer tap fitted to door Co2 regulator Fridge is in very good condition, runs very quietly & cold. Keg & coupler ex condition...
  8. Gar

    First World Problems Thread

  9. Gar

    No Topic Thread

    Brings new meaning to the term Beer Goggles I suppose :D I just sold a Kayak on ebay, had the minimum bid at $150 and $200 for a "buy it now" .... for some reason people have bid it up to $267 :huh: haha Not complaining :ph34r:
  10. Gar

    Vert Wyrt Wrt Or Wort

    How the frigg do we pronounce Zywiec Porter while we're at it and is Saison pronounced Sci Son or Say Son (i've always said it Sci Son)
  11. Gar

    Comment by 'Gar' in media 'TLB_SOTL_AHB.jpg'

    Love your labels dude, always got a heap of character
  12. Gar

    Free - 100ish Bottles South Brisbane

    Very sorry Shaun but I do need to get rid of them by Monday night :(
  13. Gar

    New Mash Tun!

    Nice work!
  14. Gar

    Free - 100ish Bottles South Brisbane

    Just found another couple of boxes, would be a shame to bin em..
  15. Gar

    Free - 100ish Bottles South Brisbane

    Making some room in the shed, 100ish (haven't counted) bottles free to a drunken loving home All kinds, Clean just need dusting and sanitising :icon_chickcheers: Need these to go as quick as possible though, will be in the recycling within a day or two Location: Chambers Flat
  16. Gar

    First World Problems Thread

    Damn you to hell.... Curiosity is a bitch.... :(
  17. Gar

    30l Barrel $19.98

    The bung thread on the two that I've got isn't great but it holds as long as your careful. Copped a bit of a shower when I bumped it once but just tightened it up again.
  18. Gar

    Super Whatnot Brisbane

    Finally got around to check this place out last night, it's great little bar! Nice cosey atmosphere, staff were friendly ( told us not to rush at closing time :blink: ) and the beers were fantastic (loved the oatmeal stout) Even the shitter was nice :lol: