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  1. blekk

    Toasted oat cream Braggot

    Ok so the Braggot has had about 5 weeks conditioning in the bottle and I thought it was time to crack one and see how it is. Well I don't want to toot my own horn but I am gob smacked at how this has turned out! Even the boss remarked "this is your best brew yet!" So on to the tasting notes...
  2. blekk

    Toasted oat cream Braggot

    So I finally bottled the braggot yesterday. The brew slowed about 3 weeks ago at 1.031 (I use brix so 7.8), and I was thinking about racking into a secondary and adding some D47, but due to work commitments that didnt happen. The braggot sat on the S04 until an fg of 1.028 (7.2), making it...
  3. blekk

    1v Circulation pump and temp probe options

    Thanks HD thats the knid of feedback I was looking for. Do you recirc during boil in your 1V?
  4. blekk

    1v Circulation pump and temp probe options

    Thanks Reg for the quick reply. The tub isn't too tall at 400mm, but the pump will sit below that and I was also looking at being able to use it for transferring to the fermentor.
  5. blekk

    1v Circulation pump and temp probe options

    Hi all Just in the process of collecting bits for my new 1v vessel and would like some advice on the circulation pump and temp probe location. Not going to be a huge system, 65L max volume but more likely to only run single batches with the option for doubles if needed/wanted. Just wondering if...
  6. blekk

    Millmaster minimill MKII.5

    Hi all Just checking in to see how others mk2.5 minimills are going? The ones Im talking about are the ones with 1 fluted and 1 knurl roller? I cant find the thread now but back during the change over some said the crush was better then the double fluted rollers. Any truth to this? Im just...
  7. blekk


    Just want to give a big shout out to Stu Brew and the quality of his hops. Received my order the other day and wow do they look good and smell fresh! They even had the picked date written on the bags [emoji106] One suggestion though and I know you guys must be busy running the farm, but an email...
  8. blekk

    Grain Storage

    Too lazy to read through all the replies but I use a 60L food grade drum with sealing ring like this. Heaps on gumtree I think I paid about $25
  9. blekk

    Toasted oat cream Braggot

    So brew day went quite well apart from breaking my new hydrometer after cleaning it [emoji54] I made a few adjustments and additions as per below. 6L Batch 13% Roller oats (half toasted) 33% Munich I 10% Cararye 40% Raw honey 5% Lactose 3g/L Coffee grinds (brewed) 15g Galaxy hops S-04 Strike...
  10. blekk

    Toasted oat cream braggot

    Sorry yes I should throw in some munich for a base. Do you think about 35% Munich would be ok?
  11. blekk

    Cider questions

    Ive only used pear juice personally but what about racking into a secondary on an apple puree?
  12. blekk

    Cider questions

    Pear juice is quite common as a back sweetener and can be added after primary to get the sweetness youre looking for. Failing that I dont see why you cant boil down the back sweetener (more pressed apple juice??), to a concentrate to kill any wild yeasts that may be present. EDIT: Just read...
  13. blekk

    Home brew wine

    My wife and I did a few 30L batches and keg it. Used the concentrate kits and it turned out quite good.
  14. blekk

    Toasted oat cream braggot

    Hi all I have already posted in the 'non beer' section but just wanted some others opinions too. Just getting back into brewing after a year or so off and looking at doing a very simple braggot 6L micro batch and just want some feedback on the grain bill as follows. 37% Toasted rolled oats...
  15. blekk

    Toasted oat cream Braggot

    Hi scomet. Agree pure rye would be horrible hence the reason for the amount of toasted oats to try and balance it. Im gluten intolerant :( which is the reason for absence of wheat altogether and playing with mead in the first place. It originally was just going to be a simple hopped mead but...
  16. blekk


    I've done a alcoholic root beer and it turned out pretty good, nice sars flavour with a hint of caramel cream. Depending on the alcohol % in your brew it might make the sars flavour a bit bitey and bitter.
  17. blekk

    Toasted oat cream Braggot

    Hi all Looking at doing a very simple braggot micro batch and just want some feedback. 37% Toasted rolled oats 37% Raw honey 7.4% Lactose 18.5% Chocolate rye malt Galaxy hops S-04 60min boil but not sure about the hop time addition yet, then adding the honey once wort has cooled to 35deg...
  18. blekk

    How To Open An Asahi Style 19l Keg

    Is there a reward for returning said stolen goods? Asking for a friend.
  19. blekk

    INKBIRD Giveaway on ITC-308 for Father's Day

    Got to be in it to win it! Enter me please :)