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    Wanted: 30l Aluminium Or Ss Pot

    Good question,I will check that on. On Monday.Thanks
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    Wanted: 30l Aluminium Or Ss Pot

    I've seen this one but I live in Wagga Wagga,a bit too far from Sydney...
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    Wanted: 30l Aluminium Or Ss Pot

    Hi,I'm looking for a boiling pot of 30 to 40L in aluminium or ss.Cheap and used will be perfect.Please let me know if someone want to sell me one.Thanks
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    30l Boiling Pot

    Hi,I'm building slowly my equipment to move to all grain,my mash tun is ready and my draining system is on his way but I'm missing a boiling pot for full boil.i'm looking for a 30 or 40L aluminium or stainless steel one.I don't want to spend a fortune for it,no more than $50,less will be even...
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    Where Can I Buy Hops Seeds

    Hi mates,I'm keen on trying to grow hops but can't find a website to find some!Any advices please.I live in NSW,Thanks