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  1. BOG

    NSW State Comp 2016

    Thanks, Packed and entry done. Now to find something else to drink .
  2. BOG

    NSW State Comp 2016

    I've only just got to this today. And for the first time in a long time I have something worth entering. Rather annoyed with myself. I'm hopping that I can drop off at Dave's on Tuesday Morning , as he is closed tomorrow and Monday. Is this still possible ? The alternative is I'll drink my...
  3. BOG

    Comment by 'BOG' in media 'Removable Oak Cladding'

    Been thinking about doing this for some time, but making it permanent. It's beautiful work .. How stable is the temp ? Did you shave the inside edge of the slats so they didn't have a gap when placed on a curve ?
  4. BOG

    Comment by 'BOG' in media 'Flavour country hop addition'

    That's like what, $100 worth of hops into one beer. Better be a seriously nice beer!
  5. BOG

    To late to brew for a party. Or is it ? Help Required

    thanks everyone. Was thinking a APA or a bright ale, light and social. I have the yeast WL002. So that that bit's done. Sound like for the response it's all possible. I would have liked to have served an english Ale, a Best Bitter, but to be honest the fresh wort kit's are not so great on that...
  6. BOG

    To late to brew for a party. Or is it ? Help Required

    (The countdown clock is 9 days.) I have a major milestone birthday on the weekend after next and have nothing in bottle or keg to serve anyone. As an avid home brewer, and all my friends know I am , I feel I have let them down. It's just been too busy this year to think about brewing. So I...
  7. BOG

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    oh the young ones. That is how coke was sold in the 80's They where called Crowd Pleaser Bottles.
  8. BOG

    Show Us Your Hb Xmas Present

    I made mine from a kitchen company (Wholesale Kitchens) so the bench height is 850mm from memory. I've been able to find a Williams commercial fridge (free) all stainless that fits the hole but not the kegs. It blew up just before...
  9. BOG

    90 Min Boil Or 60 Min

    I've brewed the same reciepe (ESB) for about 5 years. A few batches each year. I've yet to get it the same each time. The focus is on fine tuning the process. I find the process variation has the greatest impact on flavour. after all this time I've yet to nail it. But i'm getting closer!
  10. BOG

    Cleaning Of Equipment (secondhand)

    2 caps of unsented (sensitive) Napisan in the fermenter fill to overflowing and leave it for a week or 2. Rinse well and sterilise with a no rinse and your ready to go.
  11. BOG

    Show Us Your Hb Xmas Present

    Very nice, can i assume the space is for a key fridge. I had all sorts of problems finding a keg fridge to fit into the new kitchen. What did you end up using ? BOG
  12. BOG

    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    Was the judging completed today? BOG
  13. BOG

    Brew Stand Shelving

    What was the name of his stuff at Bunnings? For the price it looks fine. Could you put casters on it to move it around? BOG
  14. BOG

    2012 Esb Home Brew Competition - "the Good The Bad And The Ugly&q

    Just found out the NSW comp has been brought forward a month this year. My not ready ESB may be still ok in 4weeks time. Every cloud etc etc BOG
  15. BOG

    2012 Esb Home Brew Competition - "the Good The Bad And The Ugly&q

    I'm really anoyed with myself. Ive tried my ESB for the first time tonight. It could do with another week or two in the bottle. But as it stands I'm rather pleased with the result. I knew I wouldn't make it but it was so close. I got a HC (40 points) at last years comp for the ESB. This years...
  16. BOG

    How Warm Is Too Warm For Bottle Conditioning?

    Yep, bottle condition at the same temp as the ferment
  17. BOG

    Taking A Home Brew To Limited Production

    Thanks Guys, Sorry for getting this reply back late. work and all that stuff. That's what I was after. Doing a Homebrew comp, winning beer wins an iPAD or something similar and the beer is brought through production to tap by a third party. This guys owns 4 bars and is just about to open a...
  18. BOG

    Taking A Home Brew To Limited Production

    I was contacted at work by the bar owner (yes we have a bar at work) about putting a beer on a spare tap he has. I suggested he run a home brew competition, provide a decent prize to get a few entries, and take the winning reciepe to a small production house to have it made. that way he gets to...
  19. BOG

    Show us your brewrig

    that's very nice. I like the site glass concept ! BOG
  20. BOG

    Bsp Vs Npt Thread Size On Temp Probes

    obviously 2.30pm is when people get back from lunch :) Crusty, i was going to recirculate the HLT water and monitor when it get to mash temps and the second was to monitor the recirculated mash in the tun. I was hoping I could get 2 probes and a switch to switch inputs to a single PID. but...