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    Big Discouunt + Giveaway! ! ! Hydroponics Growing System Machine

    Might finally be able to grow greens without them going straight to seed. Count me in
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    3pm today it launched. I hadn't received my email either but reading on Facebook someone said registering with the same details triggers the email. Tried it and the email came through right away.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I would guess that it could take 24 hours for the emails to trickle through. They are probably sent in batches to be less likely to trip spam filters.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @KegLand-com-au What happened to the Low volume CIP spray rotor? Has it been in stock and I just missed it? or is it still being tweaked?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    8 on the front page or wherever but the ability to click in and see more, say 24-30 (about a month worth of new products) would be awesome. Even if the front page had the ability to scroll left and right to view more would be good too.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Anyone tried using the hop bong to inline carbonate soda water? Thinking of using one with a keg to have both chilled water and soda water on tap using only a single keg.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Advanced automations are in the works. The BZ Gen4 just recently got an update with a bunch of new triggers for its profiles, so I would imagine the pill/temp controllers are not too far away.
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    Oppo phone won't connect to Rapt Pill

    Hit decline and it should connect and stay connected. It is trying to connect to the internet via the network but it cannot as the pill is the only other device on the network. Because there is no internet the phone thinks the network is no good and tries to connect to something else.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    1.5 inch hop bong
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @KegLand-com-au I know you don't do back orders but is there a possibility of some sort of queue system? People would add to queue the amount of an item that they were looking to purchase. As stock arrives it is offered to the people in the front of the queue, they then have 24? hours to...
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    Inkbird Black Friday Sales !! Giveaway of bbq thermometer IBT-4XS

    Let's see what my luck is like this time. Beer and bbq, two favourite things
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    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI+Brewing heat belt Giveaway+Discount sales

    Good stuff, could use another to do multiple ferments at once