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  1. dabre4

    belly button yeast beer....

    Hey guys. I learned to brew in this forum and due to life getting in the way haven't been back for a long time. Couldn't yelp but chime in here. I'm one of 7 cent co-founders, i developed the recipe and did all the lab work to isolate the belly button fluff yeast strain. Completely see why...
  2. dabre4

    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    Cheers Dave. I think your right about methelyne blue, I've also read something about it only being effective for finding up to 10 to 20% if unviable cells, probably related to what your saying.
  3. dabre4

    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    Don't really agree with that, I will be adding yeast nutrient as it is an important addition with high gravity brews, but I'd say that pitching an ample amount of yeast is more important. I know when counting cells with a hemocytometer (I'm assuming Jamil's method for counting) you can use...
  4. dabre4

    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    Cheers. So according to Jamil: "Recently there have been other numbers mentioned for cells/gram of dry yeast and folks have asked me why I believe there are 20 billion cells. I've actually done cell counts on dry yeast and they're always 20 billion per gram +/- less than a billion. Dr. Clayton...
  5. dabre4

    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    Interesting. I wonder where this perceived 20 billion/g has come from. I've already bought the packs, if I knew they were only 69 billion per pack I would have just got some 1056 and built it up in a starter. Lesson learnt.
  6. dabre4

    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    I am going to do a high gravity brew this weekend (OG = 1.106). I normally use liquid yeast and build up starters according to the calculated viability of the pack by the manufactured date. For this brew I am going to use S05 as I figured it will be easier and cheaper to get the required...
  7. dabre4

    Test Tubes To Store Your Yeast.

    Hey. I may be too late, but if anyone pulls out i'd be interested in 100.
  8. dabre4

    Decal Holders

    Do you mean these?
  9. dabre4

    Water Chemistry

    Some places call it Calcium Carbonate.
  10. dabre4

    The Thread In The Top Of A 50l Beer Keg

    No you can't. Each type is a different design and they must match.
  11. dabre4

    Trademark Wars - Cub Vs Thunder Road

    It sums up Thunder Road in a nut shell, I almost put them in the same bag as CUB. They're brewing beer to make a buck and care more about marketing then the beer itself. They're taking advantage of a booming market and the reason the market is booming is because of the breweries before them that...
  12. dabre4

    Is There A General Distain For Americans In Australia?

    Australians don't have a problem with America, the whole world does. Problem is a lot of Americans think the world revolves around them, and they are the centre of the universe. Of course this isn't the case with all Americans, i myself have been to the States twice and abolutly love the country...
  13. dabre4

    Recommendations For A Malty Esb/pale Ale

    If brewing all grain use Maris Otter for your base malt with around 5% crystal. Playing around with a higher final gravity, which can be achieved with a higher mash temp, will give more body. If your kit, steep a good amount of crystal malt in the wort, and try using a good yeast with less...
  14. dabre4

    Sodium Perc - Bulk Buy

    #1: iamozziyob - 1 full bag - 1 PAID #2: mxd - 1 full bag - 2 #3: jbowers - 1/2 bag - 2.5 #4: Pennywise - 1/2 bag - 3 #5: fraser_john - 2 full bags - 5 Second bag payment just made #6: Warmbeer - 1/2 bag - 5.5 PAID #7: RobW - 1/2 bag - 6 #8: Peakydh - 1/2 bag - 6.5 #9: DU99- 1/2 bag - 7 PAID...
  15. dabre4

    Sodium Perc - Bulk Buy

    #1: iamozziyob #2: mxd #3: jbowers - 1/2 bag #4: Pennywise - 1/2 bag #5: fraser_john - 1 full bag #6: Warmbeer - 1/2 bag #6: RobW - 1/2 bag #7: Peakydh - 1/2 bag #8: DU99- 1/2 bag #9: Beerdrinkingbob 1/2 Bag #10: bullsneck 1/2 bag #11: kelbygreen 1/2 bag #12: Reg - 1 full bag #13: booargy- 1...
  16. dabre4

    Invert Syrup Vs. Belgian Candi

    Belgian candy sugar can be syrup or hard like candy. The only difference is how the make the sugar, to get it hard you just bring the syrup up to "crack" temperature so when it cools it gets hard. Personally I think you can get a much richer flavor from the syrup (dark), but not sure if there is...
  17. dabre4

    Am I Burning Out My Stir Plate?

    It's a 12V adaptor. If the adaptor is fine, I'll look into a better fan.
  18. dabre4

    Am I Burning Out My Stir Plate?

    I made a stir plate a while back. Seems to work pretty well, i get a good stiring motion with a nice dimple on top. My problem is that after running for a few hours I can smell the motor, smells like it might be burning out or somthing. I want to fix it, but I'm not sure if I should replace...
  19. dabre4

    Clumping Yeast

    Thanks all. I think your right in this one wolfy. Yeah I have never seen this happen before, hence my concern. It's fired up now with a nice thick krausen, so must have still had plenty in suspension.
  20. dabre4

    Clumping Yeast

    I made a yeast starter with a stir plate with Wyeast 1968 London ESB and all the yeast has seemed to clump up. I have never seen this before. I didn't think too much of it and pitched them in this morning. All the clumps of yeast are now sitting at the bottom of the fermenter, which doens't...