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  1. felon

    PH Mash Adjustments

    +1 to the Brun water spreadsheet. It takes a while to get your head around it all but the Brun spreadsheet has a lot of info on it.
  2. felon

    How Much Did You Brew 2012?

    Beer Alchemy is showing that I have brewed 1057 Litres. No wonder my shorts are getting tight. :(
  3. felon

    Urgent C02 Needed - Refill Or New Cylider

    No problems. Have a great xmas party. :icon_chickcheers:
  4. felon

    Salt Additons

    I haven't tried LibreOffice before. I just tried your spreadsheet on my wife's Mac as she has Excel, And it works fine. Looks like I'll just have to load Excel onto my computer when I get a chance. I was getting some wacky results as I was only inputting grain colour and not what type of grain...
  5. felon

    Salt Additons

    Welcome to the forum Martin I have had great time trying to get my head around your spreadsheet. I have a problem with it as I use a Mac, and a program called Numbers instead of Excel. The drop down boxes don't work so I can't change my grain types on the Mash Acidification page :(
  6. felon

    Citra & Amarillo

    Can't stand Cascade either. But i love my Pride of Ringwood ;)
  7. felon

    Reducing Sparge Volume

    I find Jamil's Brew Strong shows very helpful. I too also find when fly sparging I chase my tail with efficiency numbers. I general drop my efficiency so that my final runnings are no where near 1.010. Usually closer to 1.016 when finishing. I check my...
  8. felon

    Bloody Hell!

    That brings back so many memories :)
  9. felon

    First Wit Beer Attempt - Thoughts?

    Have a listen to this for ideas
  10. felon

    Stone N Wood Share Buy Back

    Good to see. :P
  11. felon

    Hermit Coil Heat Exchange Build

    I forgot to add the photo of my Herms controller. Not really a Hermit build though. ;)
  12. felon

    Hermit Coil Heat Exchange Build

    Hi Nev The element was from Stokes Appliances in Miranda, Sydney. Its product number is 2227-125R. It wasn't cheap because it was the shortest one I could find at 230mm long. It is 1 1/4" BSP thread. I went to a local stainless fabrication place and grabbed an off cut of 304 stainless pipe with...
  13. felon

    Hermit Coil Heat Exchange Build

    I use a 2400W element mounted from underneath running vertically up in the middle of the coil. The tube holds 2.5L of water.
  14. felon

    Electrical Loads

    I'm assuming your sub board is a long way away from from your meters if your sparky has run it in 6mm.
  15. felon

    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    304 stainless is fine for food contact. If you fly sparge you can run the water from your HLT through the coil and this will clean it. Caustic cleaners are fine to use on it.
  16. felon

    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    Thanks again for all the effort put in. My certificates and scoresheets arrived this morning. Some great ideas from the judges to help my beers. :D
  17. felon

    My Hermit Build

    Nice work. :icon_cheers:
  18. felon

    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    A great big thanks to all those involved for dedicating their own time. Well done :beer:
  19. felon

    What Are You Brewing III

    Getting ready for a morning session of an American Double IPA Pliny The Elder Dates Date Brewed: 27 Aug 2012 Date Racked: 27 Aug 2012 Date Packaged: 27 Aug 2012 Date Ready: 27 Aug 2012 Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines 14C-India Pale Ale(IPA)-Imperial IPA Minimum OG: 1.070 SG...