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  1. welly2

    Finally, new brewing space

    At the moment it's just my grainfather between the four of us but we're going to sort out a 1/2bbl or possibly bigger rig over the next month or so. 5 litres of beer each probably won't suffice! Well, something we're considering approaching them with, perhaps do a contract brew to dip our toes...
  2. welly2

    Finally, new brewing space

    At the moment it's just my grainfather between the four of us but we're going to sort out a 1/2bbl or possibly bigger rig over the next month or so. 5 litres of beer each probably won't suffice!
  3. welly2

    Mould in brew, any chance of saving ?

    Hang on guys. Let's not be too hasty. He should split the batch in two and send half to me and the other half to Jack of all biers. We'll dispose of it in a suitable manner.
  4. welly2

    Finally, new brewing space

    So unfortunately the brew didn't happen. Our grain order we made on the weekend for next day delivery didn't turn up. Was probably for the best, had some cleaning and sorting out of the gear to do as its all been sat in storage for a year or so. Anyway, got to test it out and make sure the...
  5. welly2

    Finally, new brewing space

    The last 12 months has been terrible for brewing, in that I've had nowhere to brew. I had a go at brewing on the boat (temperature fluctuated between 14c and 28c over the course of two weeks) - that was a dumper. And there's a shared brewery in south London called UBrew that I joined for a...
  6. welly2

    Want to try new grain

    I made a beer with Special B a while ago. Not sure why I didn't make more of it because it was delicious. Lots of caramel and dried fruit flavours, obviously good for Belgian beers, tasty in dark ales too.
  7. welly2

    G'day from pommyland

    When I open my brewery (ha), home made pork pies will be a house speciality!
  8. welly2

    Grain Mill

    If your budget can stretch a bit, get the Millmaster. One of those things you'll buy once and never need to buy again.
  9. welly2

    G'day from pommyland

    AG! The four of us are going to a collab beer, a Pressure Drop Pale Fire ( clone most probably, just to get used to the space and the gear.
  10. welly2

    Thinking of ditching hop socks

    I used a hop spider a couple of times. It was certainly better for cleaning up at the end of the brew day but found that hop profile in every aspect - aroma, flavour and bitterness - was lacking so gave that up as a bad job. I know other people have had plenty of success with them so could be...
  11. welly2

    G'day from pommyland

    Hey all, long time no chat and even worse, long time no brew. My boat-based (I bought a narrowboat to live on last year) brewing intentions haven't come to fruition (temperature being all over the place) and I've been trying to find a space to brew for the past 12 months. I did sign up for a...
  12. welly2

    G'day from pommyland

    Just got back yesterday, managed to stay awake until 7.30pm before crashing heavily. Found myself a pub this morning and am just working my way through this pint of Siren Soundwave IPA. A pint of craft beer for $7.50. It's cracking! On the other hand, it's ******* cold here.
  13. welly2

    What are you listening to

    Wolf People - Not Me Sir Bit of (modern) psychedelia.
  14. welly2

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    Just got this email from Grainfather: Grainfather Connect Android App Issues Important message from our Managing Director - I want to sincerely apologise for the ongoing issues that some users are experiencing with our Android app. The complexity, requirements and value we wish to deliver...
  15. welly2

    Hello + Grainfather or Braumeister?

    You made these comments before about the Grainfather yet no one else seems to have experienced them. Or at least no one else here (that I've read) or on any of the Grainfather facebook groups. I suspect you've just been unlucky with yours, which can and does happen with any system you buy off...
  16. welly2

    Hello + Grainfather or Braumeister?

    As someone who owns a Grainfather, if I had the money, I'd get a Braumeister, if I had the time and a bit of nouse, I'd make my own Grainfather although the new controller would be a bit more tricky. As I had neither, I got a Grainfather.
  17. welly2

    14th Century Bouchet / Burnt Honey Mead

    Just bottled my first bochet, it's tasting pretty good. Quite sweet although not cloyingly so but tasty. Had to rush this one through due to moving back to pommyland so was fermenting for 6 weeks, secondary for a couple of weeks and just bottled today. Will take it back to pommyland and let it...
  18. welly2

    Cask and Hand-pump

    My folks sent me over my hand pump from the UK last year, it cost then about £40 and it arrived in less than two weeks. If anyone is interested, I'll dig out the shipping agent. I think it was Parcels2Go off the top of my head if someone wants to google it. Weight is roughly 3kg give or take...
  19. welly2

    Cask and Hand-pump

    If anyone is interested, got an email from this mob For our special customers 100 for 100 Get this super classy looking classic real-ale clamp-on handpull for a give-away January offer of £100 each We have 100 of these beautys available so please don't hesitate to...
  20. welly2

    Stereotypes: Brewers have beards

    Seems appropriate. If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums.