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  1. homebrewnewb

    First All Grain Experiment

    I've used it in a few brews, unnoticeable highly fermentable no residual or discernible flavours i would treat it almost like sucrose, depends on colour though, i think molasses gives it the brown colour post refinement.
  2. homebrewnewb

    EOI - Stainless 50gal drums

    you would be looking at around 150$ for for food grade 44-50Gal just under 200L drums, in my exp. if it smells okay it should be fine for mashing in, i am sure you can see what i am trying to get at here. if you can get a hold of one clean it down with phosphoric or something then see how it...
  3. homebrewnewb

    FS: Beer festival ticket(s)30$ each up to 5 - Collingwood, Melbourne. 11-5 4th of Feb (thats a SUNDAY) PM for details - thanks.
  4. homebrewnewb


    why not, EOI for x2 plz.
  5. homebrewnewb

    Spike brewing conical fermenters unitanks

    they are probably more suited to jacket cooling, they are bigish units i would be surprised if you could find a unit to cool them short of a cool room.
  6. homebrewnewb

    Spike brewing conical fermenters unitanks

    $A1020 for three CF15s. what's the shipping costs from the US? that looks phenomenal if the numbers are correct just for the product alone.
  7. homebrewnewb


    in true Reinheitsgebot fashion! if you are interested, those butt crackers will be your gastro intestinal system breaking down those sugar chains the yeast couldn't resulting in plenty of scent symphonies . take this away from it, the more unfermented sugars / more complex the beer the more...
  8. homebrewnewb

    Husky's 2.5BBL Collaboration Brewery Build - 3V 300L

    you're insured right [L]
  9. homebrewnewb

    Bringing back beer from OS

    use plastic - tipping that's off the agenda. if it's homebrew declare it - you'll get through faster.
  10. homebrewnewb

    Husky's 2.5BBL Collaboration Brewery Build - 3V 300L

    you realise showing them how to "brew" in this is like teaching to kid to "drive" on a super bike or F1 car right? they will think it's monster. nice traub cone by the way. so do tell what needs to be tweaked, modded improved....
  11. homebrewnewb

    Getting into Kegging

    just noticed that no one has pulled me up here - i have conflated two things, the ross method be for carbonation. not the siphoning keg to keg thing i was trying to imply. i will link it once i find it - since search is so omnipotent on this site... that's all. here it is KEG TO KEG TRASFER ...
  12. homebrewnewb

    Getting into Kegging

    yessir you can. have google of the ross method, should be on this forum for transferring from keg to keg - assuming you want to do that. make sure you purge atmosphere out of the 50 L keg. apart from that, you just basically siphon. might take a bit more co2 but it's peanuts to make sure the...
  13. homebrewnewb

    Second-Hand Grain Mill EOIs

    bullshit @mtb, you love the shiny shiny... friggin i vote we rename you to magpie.
  14. homebrewnewb

    Kettle design WRT chilling & whirlpooling

    ...and then you are prepared to launch your rocket.
  15. homebrewnewb

    Kegging questions, complete newbie.

    those carb caps are bloody handy to have though. cleaning taps/lines counterfilling 2L pet bottles for a quick on the go brews, trading beers with FB's, recommended.
  16. homebrewnewb

    mid ipas

    is it this one? the full is good-ish and definitely not bad for megaswill.
  17. homebrewnewb

    What's with the PC bullshit?

  18. homebrewnewb

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    came for flame war on PC v Console gaming debate - found email contained unsatisfactory salutation, left disappointed.
  19. homebrewnewb

    NZ IPA

    hard to source those elusive hops in one place let us know what you find.
  20. homebrewnewb

    NZ IPA

    i ordered a similar sort of profile from Southern Cross Hops Size 100g hops-nz-southern-cross-100gm 1$6.91 Pacifica Hops Size 100g hops-pacifica-100gm 1 $7.78 Pacific Jade Hops Size 100g hops-pacific-jade-100gm 1 $7.78 Motueka Hops Size 100g hops-motueka-100gm...