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    Ingredients All From A Supermarket

    would you recomend a two can brew instead??
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    Ingredients All From A Supermarket

    what ingredients do you all recomend THAT I CAN BUY FROM A SUPERMARKET to make my beers more flavoursome.
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    Fermenting At Very Cold Temp, Coopers Kit

    How long will it take do you reckon for my coopers kit which is brewing at about 15 degrees to finish. It says on the packet that fermentation couold stop all together if it got below 21degrees. Will it still ferment? if so how long will it take?
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    Why does it say to sterilise with non-scented bleach? Will using lemon scented bleach affect anything? I ask because i just sterilised with lemon scented bleach and didn't realise it was lemon scented until after i had sterilised. Ihavent started brewing yet.
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    2 Can Brew?

    When making a two can brew, should i use 1 packet of yeast, or two?
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    Tooheys Brewing Kits

    I take it then, you are not recomending tooheys?
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    Tooheys Brewing Kits

    Has anybody here had any experience with Tooheys brewing kits? If so could you please give me your two cents worth?
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    Located in Manly
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    1kg of extra sugar, what could i use for that? Buy an 1kg can of liquid malt extract? Would that make a better beer, because i don't think there is a HBS around my area.
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    No I haven't had a drink since Friday mate. I have see in the supermarkets, the cans of home brew mix, could somebody please tellme what these cans contain? Is it the yeast or is it the hops? If its the yeast, where do I get the hops from and how much will it set me back? If its the hops, where...
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    So... this is probably going to sound like another stupid question, but! I'm geussing the hops for the brew is the can you buy? Am I correct? Sorry about the dumb questions, but as you can see, I really have no idea! Cheers :beer:
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    How Is Beer Actually Made?

    No I'm not being an idiot. Could somebody please enlighten me on the simple steps to brewing your own beer, and what each ingredient does to make a beer a beer and alter the tastes. Also, i hear alot on these forums about instructions being misleading and racking into a second fermenter, what...