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  1. DaFooze

    Australian Wheat Ale Recipes? - paypal, ebay, stripe, banks, crypto, docs and more! Follow channel (link deleted) to get more info Edited by Mod to remove irrelevant commercial link
  2. DaFooze


    What you are planning is a great way to use the Fermzilla and it's bottle. I've always waited until fermentation is done, close the valve, release some pressure out of bottle, remove bottle, add dry hops, purge bottle with CO2, open valve. The beer and dry hops will gather together in a great...
  3. DaFooze

    Summer Lime Ale

    Hey bro, The lime taste of my one definitely faded out as time went on. Think your push with more on the dry hop could be a nice way to go. Let me know how it tastes.
  4. DaFooze

    Summer Lime Ale

    Thought I'd chuck up a recipe I've just done for the Aussie Summer. Tastes awesome if I do say so, but then I do love beer!! 4.50 kg Pale Ale, Golden Promise®™ (Simpsons) (5.0 EBC) 76.3 % 1.20 kg Wheat Malt, Pale (Weyermann) (3.9 EBC) 20.3 % 0.20 kg Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt (111.0...
  5. DaFooze

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    50L BIAB urn for sale. Caterpide brand. Check it out here:
  6. DaFooze

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Morning all, Well I'm about to throw this thing in the bin. It just is not connecting to the computer thru any COM port. The computer doesn't make that normal "ping" sound when you connect a USB device, I just have a steady blue flashing LED. I can't see another way to load the flash bin file...
  7. DaFooze

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Thanks for the reply, just a question tho, how do I determine the COM port that the Wemos is plugged into? I have it plugged into a USB.
  8. DaFooze

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Need some help here please. Got an Ispindel via 3-D Mechatronic in Germany, all good. Soldered her up as per the instructions but when I try to access the IP page it is no good. I hit the reset button on the Wemos and nothing different seems to happen. I initially have a flashing blue LED...
  9. DaFooze

    Kegerator (kegking) & kegs, Gas bottle etc Brisbane

    Am keen on the maltmuncher, and if the GF is still there, can you let me know how much you are looking for it please.
  10. DaFooze


    Just got the quote for postage, $200USD. Guess the Robobrew is happening instead.
  11. DaFooze


    I got quoted about $400AUD for the cost of the 50L plus postage and $330 for the 30L. I've dealt with Alibaba a few times before and the more you buy, the cheaper it is... obviously I guess. So if anyone in SEQ is interested in getting one, let me know and maybe we could get a deal going??
  12. DaFooze


    Am looking at the Robobrew Vs the Guten at the moment. Had a chat with one of the suppliers from Alibaba and they have said that their product material thickness is only 0.5mm of 304SS. Does anybody know what the material thickness for the Robobrew is? If anyone has one that could measure?? Cheers