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  1. Beefcake 2000

    Refilling SodaStream CO2 cylinders

    Hi Sleepy, I have also had issues with the new soda stream bottles, but what works for me is to screw the adaptor tight to the gas bottle first, then loosely screw in the soda stream bottle, crack the gas bottle so you can hear the gas leaking out, then screw in the soda stream bottle tight and...
  2. Beefcake 2000

    RAPT Pill

    Hi members, I have a Rapt pill and have been using regularly for just over 1 year now. While cleaning after the last three or four brews when I start to unscew the pill, there seems to be a gas build up inside as it nearly 'explodes' apart. It still works perfectly well and there is no moisture...
  3. Beefcake 2000

    Newbie from the Tropics

    Hi TC, Good luck with the brewing. I used to live in Townsville and also northern WA and brewed in both. After struggling to maintain a correct & stable fermentation temperature, and the missus not to keen on letting me keep the fermentor in the lounge room with the A/C on (I thought it was a...