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    Show us ya HOPS!!!

    Thanks 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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    Show us ya HOPS!!!

    Thanks. The rhizomes were all roughly the same size. I can’t imagine why the Cascade would be so much more productive than the other two. Another thing, we very rarely get a frost here. Cold mornings here are 1°to 5° How cold does it need to get for the rhizomes in the winter? 🙏🏼
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    Show us ya HOPS!!!

    My top bar is at 5m, held up with guy ropes. Found the 5m 4x3 hardwood uprights in the dump. Would you persist with the Centennial and the Columbus? Compared to the Cascade, they are very disappointing. Would you suggest any other varieties? It could easily get to 45°+ up here. 🙏🏼🙂
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    Show us ya HOPS!!!

    Here is my maiden effort. 1st season. Latitude -31.132771 Hottest day so far 43° Plenty around between 36°&40° Luck? The contributors to a Texan forum I read were getting worried about high 90°F Anyway, The closest two plants are Columbus and Centennial in that order. The far plant is Cascade...
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    Hops Rhizome Pre Orders are open

    Mate, I’ve tried to contact HELP through your website but to no avail. I’m growing Cascade 1st year. It has gone bunta. 14 ft high, 6 or so bines, flowers all over it. At the base, there are numerous )15?)“tendrils” looking bolt somewhere. What is going on? Is it too late to layer these...