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    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    20L Braumeister - Perth - pick up only If I didn't already own one I'd buy it :)
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    Recommend me a commercial porter?

    Tokyo Black by Yo-Ho Brewing Company. Japanese, comes in a can, tastes super delicious.
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    200lt Nano Brewery

    I see Speidel has a 500L Braumeister on their site now...
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    Urn For Biab

    so, just to clarify (pun), your wort is sitting in your urn (wrapped in plastic) with the break and the hops for up to 3 days post boil?
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    Co2 Tanks In Perth

    $180 for a 3.5kg cylinder and $20 for a 'swap & go' refill. Best in town. ;)
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    On Tv Tonight - British "beer" Before Hops

    First 10 minutes = awesome. Thanks for the link.
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    Commercial Mash Tun - Spent Grain?

    200L batches? Buy the big Braumeister, job's done. :beer:
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    Cleaning After Brewing Any Tips ?

    Try the 'Baby section' in the supermarkets. Near the baby bottles.
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    For Sale - Perth - Malt & Hops

    No worries. Thanks for the reply.
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    Braumeister On Ebay

    Mine! (clicks 'Buy' button) Sorry, I'm all the way over the other side of the country in Perth, W.A. :P