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    Hop Hog Clone

    No im not confused ! he just knew Brendon from feral and told me there's Amarillo in it.
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    Hop Hog Clone

    He was the brewer for steam brewing, brews all the epic and 8 wire beers. I didn't even know they were contract breweries. He told me there's a lot of Amarillo in it.
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    Hop Hog Clone

    Talked to a brewer last week about the hops in hog hog. He said there's a lot of Amarillo in it. That's all I got.
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    Dogfish head beer. Where to buy in Melb?

    Acland cellars, st kilda sometimes has them but check the date, most of their US beers are past their best before.
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    Western suburbs beer bars? Melbourne

    Sounds awesome man. My house settles next month. I'd love to get involved in a club, that sounds great A beer is a must. Cheers
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    Western suburbs beer bars? Melbourne

    Ha, same. We just bought a house up that end of Francis street. All grain brewer. I have a single tier 3 vessel system, 2 pumps, etc.
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    Western suburbs beer bars? Melbourne

    Cool thanks, I'm also on Francis street, I'll check some of them out. Cheers
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    Western suburbs beer bars? Melbourne

    Hey, so I recently bought a house in yarraville and was wondering if anyone knew of any beer bars or good bottle shops around that area apart from the junction. Cheers
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    APA too bitter

    Yeah that sounds like it. Better to move my 10 min addition to flame out and then flame out to 5 mins before I chill. Beersmith said it get around 34 IBUs. Tastes more like 50. Cheers
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    APA too bitter

    Hey all, So I recently brewed a pale 31 clone. It's a dry hopped pale ale, low bitterness but a load of hop flavour and aroma. 20 litre finished batch size Malt bill was standard, 2 row and a touch of Munich and crystal 40 Mashed low Hops, fuggels for bittering - 15 g The rest of the hop...
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    Fridgemate alternative.

    I'm using the 16amp controller for fridge and also use it for HLT on brew days. Very happy with it.
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    Melbourne village

    Hey, anyone been to the melbourne village brasserie? Used to be the belgain beer garden on st kilda road. Good selection of craft beer? Expensive? Douche bag level? Cheers
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    Kegging Setups

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    WTB- Melbourne 23mm and 32mm Hole Saws for converting SS pot to a BIAB

    Hey man. I've got both, you can borrow them if you want as long as I get them back. I live in Brighton.