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    Free Chiller coil, pick up Ivanhoe, Vic.

    Free to a good home. Chiller coil from Robobrew 35litre. As a dedicated no chiller, no need. Never used. Happy to give away, but a bottle of something you've brewed would also be happily accepted as exchange. Pickup Ivanhoe, Vic. Message if interested, or call 0418 323305
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    Suggestions for footie club brew(s)

    My go-to crowd pleaser "Kolsch" is 90% Pilsener malt, 10% Wheat malt. Single hop - Citra has been the most popular so far, 30gm@ 60 min, 40 gm @ 5min for a 45l batch. us05 @18-20deg. Never fails. Mark
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    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    Due to other commitments, I'm going to have to pull out - sorry guys.Spot no 17 now available.Mark
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    New Soda Stream Bottles - How To Adapt

    Hi All, I've been using a couple of soda stream bottles for my party keg setup. Went to Kmart to swap empties & was told bottles supplied are now 400gm, 330gm not available. Price has jumped to about $19. On connecting the adaptor & reg, it seems the thread & pin system are different, current...
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    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    Time to step up & get involved again. Looking forward to the day. Mark.
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    Wtb: Keggle Burner

    I use a 3 ring for 50l batches, adjustable flow regulator from Gameco helped enormously, still about 40 mins from mash out to boil. Mark
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    Melbourne Grain Bulk Buy - Late Nov/early December

    1. Manticle: 1 x Simpsons Marris, 1 x Simpsons Golden Promise, 1 x Dingemans Pilsner, 1 x Weyerman Vienna, 1 x Weyerman Munich I, 1 x simpsons heritage Crystal. 2. Pennywise: 1x Simpsons MO, 1x JW Pils 3. Lecterfan - 1xJW Pils, 1xSimpsons Golden Promise 4. Maple - 1 x JW Pils, 1 x JW Ale, 1 x...
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    Bulk Grain Buy, Can't Decide What To Stock Up On

    Sorry about heading off at a tangent, but I can't find the topic for bulk buy - has the list been kicked off yet? Thanks Mark
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    New Low Volume Craft Beer "aussie Cool"

    Hi All, I had the good fortune at the weekend to meet an enthusiastic bloke by the name of Manol. He appears to have done a number of things with his life, the latest being to bring to market the "Aussie Cool" lager brand. After having a crack at the first of my sample 6 pack, I would...
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    Melbourne/vic Grain Bulk Buy (august '11)

    I'm in Ivanhoe & can pick up if you'd like. Mark.
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    Melbourne/vic Grain Bulk Buy (august '11)

    1. Wolfy - 1x JW Pils, 1x JW Ale, 1x JW Wheat (1/2 split with Beerdrinkingbob), 1 x Midnight Wheat (split with Fourstar, Vitalstatistix, MeLoveBeer) 2. LastDrinks - 1xJW Ale 3. Beerdrinkingbob 1 x Simpson MO, (1/2 Wolfy's Wheat) 4. HoppingMad - 2 x JW Trad Ale, 1 x JW Pils 5. Darkman-2x JW Pils...
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    Pluto Gun For Sale $40 As New, Ivanhoe, Vic.

    Bought from G & G when I launched into kegging, poured a few litres then obsessive brewing disorder kicked in, bit the bullet & went 4 tap fridge. Gun was cleaned & lubed before putting on shelf. Currently selling at G & G for $69.95. Time for it to go to a new home. $40, PM me if you're...
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    Help Milling Grain Melbourne

    I'm also in Ivanhoe, I have a millmaster non motorised you're welcome to use. Give me a call if you want (pm'd phone no) Mark
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    Have I Killed My Brew?

    Sounds like you've taken more care than most first timers. Keep everything clean & temp controlled & you'll find it's a surprisingly easy (& rewarding) process. Welcome to the forum & the start of the obsession. Mark
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    10min Munich Ipa - Opinions Please

    Weyerman. Dry hop sounds good. What sort of grain bill / hop schedule did you use? Mark.
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    10min Munich Ipa - Opinions Please

    Hi All, I'm about to experiment with a smash brew: Batch size 23l BIAB, 6kg Light Munich 120gm galaxy at 10 min. Brewmaster gives me about 60ibu. As I'll be no-chilling, I'm trying to work out how to adjust for greater hop utilisation. Assuming a 10min nochill addition = 30 min "normal"...
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    Where Are You From ?

    Spent my first 20 years in NZ. Took up K&K in Melbourne in the mid eighties. Carried the habit back to NZ, couple of years off to travel then carried on K&K back in Melbourne, Sydney, back to Melbourne. Finally over to the AG dark side about 4 years ago - should have jumped sooner! Cheers, Mark
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    New Beer Venue In Ivanhoe, Vic

    This one has been setting up for a while & finally opened up a couple of weeks ago. Located in upper Heidelberg Rd, a block down from the library. They seem to have set themselves up as a boutique bottle shop with a license for on premises consumption. Cafe...