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    Gas Rip Off

    Local Airliqide guy in canberra, $50 deposit, $50 per fill-even delivered to work for me!
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    Soda Stream Adaptor

    Hoops, I have got two of those small regs in your second photo. Can you get one made up for this(and $ if possible) Does it just allow you to screw the soda stream bottle to the reg and use or do you need something to press down on the outlet of the bottle as you screw it in? Matt
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    Plans For Temp Ctl Frementation Box?

    I work with parking ticket machines we have a small heater rigged up with a 50w element, small thermostat and 80mm square computer style fan. Keeps the internal temps at around 3-4 deg c even with the Canberra winter freezing away at -5. The machine cabinents are uninsulated 5mm thick S/S left...
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    What are you listening to

    Queensryche-now we are talking... Pity it all went so overproduced and soft after Operation Mindcrime! Cheers
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    Worst Brewing Disaster. Ever!

    Went to bottle one day, moved the fermenter outside to sit on the deck and was cleaning 2nd fermenter to bulk prime. SWMBO began hollering then dragged me out shopping for a few hours. Did not think to move fermented beer. Returned home eager to finish the chore of bottling, only to find my...
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    To add a little form before I think that the final straw was when my great new 1ltr stein arrived and I proclaimed that as a result of my newest purchase I was the happiest man on earth, failing to mention the day we were married, the day the little leaner SWMBO poped out, the day that anything...
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    Bloody beer shit This is the most complimentary thing that she has to say about my obession(hobby?) All was going ok with discussions for purchase of balance of keg gear and ag setup-hell she was even going to buy co2 reg for me for xmas-right up until I casually mentioned that I was...
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    Just Ask!

    GMK, Who is the guy in Canberra? Do you have phone numbers etc? Popsy
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    How To Use 50lt Keg To Brew With

    The 50lt kegs need a coupler to be of any use for cleaning/serving of beer. Depending on what sort of keg it is(CUB or Tooheys) they have different couplers, the CUB is a "well" type fitting that you will be able to see the metal ball that seals the keg in the middle. The Tooheys have a flat...