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  1. J

    How to get started in Cider. The definitive(ish) guide to beginner&#39

    Great beginners guide. I found it helpful. Has anyone used double cans of brigalow apple cider and 29 liters of apple juice before??? My first cider came out sweet and dry when i used an expensive kit I bought from the local brew shop. Just wondering if it is useful in aiding in sweetening?
  2. J

    Ginger Beer Coopers two can help

    Need help, Put down Coopers GB two can, Black Rock apple cider with 1k dex and Canadian Blond 1k dex. Canadian blond - fermenting Started instantly Black rock - not fermenting after 17 hrs Cooper GB two can - not fermenting after 18 hrs. All sealed properly. all cleaned and rinsed...
  3. J

    New Kit: Coopers European Lager

    I brewed it 3 weeks ago just under 20c. Tastes ok. Compaired to some beer you buy in my opinion( not a guru on tasting) I would say it is even better than......quite a few and going to drink one now and save rest for later. Is a lager really that much better when kept cold and at a consistant...
  4. J

    Help Bottled To Early

    I had similar issues with almost the same brew. Cracked one after 3 days and already carbonated. Used coopers drops in this one. Didn't worry about it as had a towel over it. Not one went bang! Good drop to. Have faith and the beer will be fine i think! Keep temp lower if possible.
  5. J

    Whats Your Cost Of Hb Per Stubbie?

    36c to 55c depending on brew and % Wanna start All Grain though!
  6. J

    Whats Your Favourite Hop

    Thanks mate. Looked back at thred and realised my self. Already had a couple and didn't pay atention. It happens from time to time. :chug: How does it tast or what commercial beers have it to get an idea?
  7. J

    Whats Your Favourite Hop

    Sazz! love em! and hallertau. Like them both together or apart. :P
  8. J

    RecipeDB - Lolly Ceveza

    Might even boil the red snakes up and ad with Irish moss? Your thoughts?
  9. J

    RecipeDB - Lolly Ceveza

  10. J

    RecipeDB - Lolly Ceveza

    <div class='ipsBox clear vcard' id='recipe_card'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_smallleft clearfix'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed_tabs ipsLayout_left' id='recipe_tabs'> <p class='short photo_holder'> <img...