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    Witbier not fully attenuating

    Thanks for your input mark, I’m brewing on a grainfather so the protein rest is not a problem, I crush my own grain and condition it before milling and always hit my numbers and don’t suffer stuck mashes or sparges so I believe after trial and error with mill settings I have that part right. I...
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    Witbier not fully attenuating

    Hookers yard wit - Would like mhb to chime in on this, I have brewed the above witbier twice now and it has struggled to finish up both times stopping at 1.018-1.020. The first time I suspected a bad batch of yeast so I re brewed and came up way short...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Cheers meddo [emoji106]
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Meddo Is that on the bottom of a g3 ? And if so is that valve large enough diameter to dump hop crud or just yeast and trub ?
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    Best automated system

    Check out the new grainfather g70, fits your budget perfectly [emoji106]
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    Oooohhhh pick me please [emoji847]
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    Brewfather and water chemistry

    Use either acidulated malt (add it in your grainbill) or use lactic or phosphoric acid, the liquid additions can be added in the same spot as your salt additions appears or just add the acid malt in the grain section and it will automatically update the ph.
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    Buying RO water - North Perth - Suggestions ?

    Buy distilled or demineralised, not sure supermarkets sell RO as such. You can get RO from penguin outlets at service stations but I and some others have had dodgy batches from these machines. Use demineralised and change your base water in your brewing software to zero tds [emoji106]
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    Keg King Conversation

    Yep will do [emoji106]
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    Keg King Conversation

    I’m fairly handy so I’ll say yes as long as you can give ma a guide as to what has to be done [emoji106], let me know if you want me to email my details or how we can organise this I’m in W.A. Cheers boys [emoji482]
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    Keg King Conversation

    When will the fermenter king kits be avail to convert g1 fermentasaurus ? Asked this a couple of times now with no reply [emoji848]
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    Keg King Conversation

    Will you be releasing just the upgrade kits on Wednesday aswell ?
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    Keg King Conversation

    Any updates on the g3 fermenter king upgrade kits for the fermentasaurus ? Are they in a container somewhere or are they still being manufactured ? I’m still running the gen 1 and very keen to get rid of the old valve !
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    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    I run a grainfather and am very happy with it, I did notice twoc in Bibra lake had a very good package deal for them today for Black Friday. Robo and guten both ok but lesser quality on the build and material [emoji106]
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    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    Look at one of the single vessel systems on the market, robo, guten, grainfather, far easier and more efficient and very reasonably priced. Buy once cry once [emoji106]
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    Lalbrew New England Yeast

    I had the same experience with lallemand New England yeast in respect to it dropping clear very quickly after kegging, beer tasted good but lost its happiness fairly quickly too.
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    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Yes please pick me
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    pH meter recommendations

    Look at a horiba laqua twin ph22, only need to use small samples from a pippett dropper so it’s easy to cool quickly.
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    GrandFather - big beer help please

    I did a 8.3kg grain bill on my grainfather and got 1.085 for 23L, if you read the grainfather faq’s it sugessets that with larger grain bills when you mash in add half the grain and let it recirculate for 15 mins to allow it to gelatinise and the add the second half, also I mashed for 2 hours...