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    Sold Display fridge

    Old display fridge. I used it mostly for keeping my brews at the perfect temperature (with a thermostat and heat pad, which are not included.) At a pinch, I could fit 4 fermenters in there at once. Great for parties on your deck too. Works perfectly, but in rough condition. Temp sits around 8°...
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    Starting again in Melbourne

    I'm sure he could, but they are the closest to 3004 that I know of.
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    Starting again in Melbourne

    Looks like a pretty good kit for the money, excellent value, but Mornington is not real close to 3004. No problem if you plan to go for a drive down there anyway. Mornington Peninsula is pretty nice. Brewcraft have a store in Richmond which is pretty close to you, and also Oakleigh, but their...